How do you imagine world after 100 years?

After a hundred years means 2118. Well, the earth would not be the only world where humans would be living. Human habitation on Mars would a few decades old by that time and easier and safer travel to and from Mars will be the challenge that mankind would be dealing with at that point.

However, human civilization would still very much be centered on the earth which would be completely literate by then.

As per my imagination world after 100 years would be like this -

  • There would be no poverty anywhere and countries, cultures, and societies would be much better integrated.

  • Wars would become a thing of the past and nations would be a lot friendlier to each other than ever before. All this is possible only if there's no World War III prior to that.

  • Our use of energy sources will also determine whether the world will be in shape to reach that stage of peace and prosperity in 2118. The commitment to renewable energy shown by the major powers, especially India is encouraging although the turnaround by the United States seems to be temporary for now. So, renewable energy will drive our civilization going forward and that will cool the temperatures significantly.

  • Elimination of petroleum as an energy source will be replaced by solar power and the vast deserts of the Arab world will be the new hubs of power production due to the year-round availability of sunlight in these places.

  • Travelling at the speed of a plane on the ground is what the Hyperloop train system offers and although it is early days, this system of transportation will take over the travel not just across landmasses but also across the oceans and seas.

  • At the same time, fast-growing literacy will mean lower population growth which is expected to stabilize by 2050 and thereafter population growth across the world could average less than one percent.

A more literate population will mean more consciousness about the environment and ecology and a more pragmatic approach toward wildlife conservation. Communities across different countries will invest more in preserving their local flora and fauna.