How did fire help the early men?

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According to the international team of archaeologists, the traces of campfires indicate that fire was discovered around 1 million years ago. In the Paleolithic Age, hunter-gatherers used to survive by hunting and gathering. During that age, no roads, farms, or villages existed. In the Paleolithic, people used to wander or move around in search of food. Thus, they are also known as wanderers, hunters, and gatherers.

Early humans were as terrified of fire as animals were. But later on, they took control of the fire. They used two stones and banged against each other to create sparks. Later on, they used two sticks and rubbed them to get fire. They used it for cooking and also used it for protection against animals. 

During that age, early humans learned to identify types of animals to hunt and varieties of plants to eat. They hunted buffalo, bison, wild goats, reindeer, and other animals.

These humans did fishing. They used to gather wild nuts, berries, fruits, wild grains, and green plants. Because of limited resources, hunting and gathering were the means of their survival.

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