How can we reduce the casualties that occur almost every year during Hajj?

Whenever our family members or relatives embark on a travel to Hajj, our hearts sink with the thought of their safety because despite having solid arrangements we come across news of causalities that occur almost every year during the travel to this holy pilgrimage. To get over such fatal incidents, Rajasthan Hajj Welfare Society has come up with an innovative idea of giving a practical training to the Hajjis and for that, they have created a model of Kaba.

Kaba Model

This model displays all the spots of praying including Safa and Marva valleys, hills, Maqam-E-Ibrahim, Sang-E-Aswad, Hateem, and the surrounding praying spaces of the Kaba Sharif. The whole concept of Hajj will be explained through this model. Besides, a video consisting of Hajj training will also be displayed on a large screen as well as it will be uploaded to YouTube.

Six Month’s Labor and Cost Only 22 Thousand Rupees

The General Secretary of the Society revealed that the model cost only twenty-two thousand rupees involving six month’s hard work. Habitant of Ramganj, a locality in Jaipur, Asrar Ahmed stated that he cut the wooden arches in a way so that it should look alike the real ones. Moreover, he created towers, doors, windows of Kaba Sharif from wood and gave them the same look to let the Hajjis have the practical and exact information about the location. Asrar also said that Mufti, experts, and Alim will share the information on the basis of their experiences of the travel.

Pelt Stones

Walk In A Queue to Pelt Stones

Haji Nizamuddin stated that most of the causalities occur during the attempt to pelt stones at the devil. In the training, they will be taught that they should fall in a line while pelting and avoid any haste keeping the crowd in mind. They will also be trained to handle the scenario when they see a movement in crowd, disorder or building circumstances like a stampede.