How can parents help to stop bullying?

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There are two aspects of bullying here. Your child is being bullied or your child himself has turned into a bully and teasing other children. Let us understand how to handle both the situations and what should the parents do to help their children in these situations.

What to do if your child is being teased and bullied?

  • The first and foremost thing to protect our child is to be their best friend. They should have confidence in you and you should give them the freedom to confide everything with you. This is very important for a growing child to have somebody to discuss their problems with.

  • Research shows that bullying starts with verbal harassment. Prepare your child to retaliate when he first notices the verbal teasing. Make him understand that bully always want to provoke him and the reaction to the verbal bullying will encourage the other kid to proceed further.

  • Teach your kid to say things like "You know, I’m just going to ignore that comment.” “Don’t do that.” “No.” “Well, that’s what you think.” and then walking away from there. Many times ignoring the comments seems to be right in the situation.

  • Teach the child to act brave, stand tall and talk in a self-assured tone.

  • Assure the child that it is not their fault and make them feel secure with your guidance.

  • If still the problem persists, discuss with the school personnel and with the parents of the bully. It is important to take action immediately and get involved as soon as you get to know about that.

What to do when your child himself is the bully?

  • God forbid, but if you find out that your kid himself is a bully, talk to your child about what happened and why is he doing that.

  • Make him understand that what he is doing is wrong.

  • Ask him how to solve the problem which he has created. Let him think and come up with a solution to clean up the mess he has created.

  • Teach him friendship skills and create opportunities to turn good.

  • Engage him in constructive and engaging activities.

  • And most importantly recheck your behavior to rule out if you are unknowingly encouraging him to become a bully.

Published on 08-Feb-2019 11:05:18