How can a man strike balance between his mother and wife?

It is very important for a man to strike balance between the two important ladies in his life. This is because a man’s life will not be complete without a Mother’s care and affection or a Wife’s love and support.

The relation between the Saas-Bahu will always be a power struggle when it comes to the man. Each of them tries to win the upper hand in his life. A man can consider himself the luckiest if both of them realize that, each one is equally important in his life and their role is irreplaceable, hence there is no need to prove their place in his life.

A mother who nurtured her son and took care of every step in his life can never withstand if her son neglects her. Valuing her words and suggestions gives the man a clear in-sight. As well, a man cannot neglect his wife who left her house for him and supports him in everything. Listening to her opinion is really necessary as she is the one with whom you will build your future.

Men are often stuck in the dichotomy of their roles as a son and as a husband. Here are some golden ideas that a man can follow to save his married life.

Pre-Marriage Conversation

Many people face daily conflicts in their married life when they fail to do this step. Before getting married, make sure you have a chat with your spouse-to-be and understand how she respects elders, especially your mother. Similarly, it is important to gauge the understanding of your parents about the position and role of modern women and their expectations from their daughter-in-law. This helps in establishing the guidelines for a successful relationship.

Clarity of Role

Role conflicts lead to fights and arguments at home. Make it clear to your mother and your wife what their respective roles are in your life. It is important to make both of them realize that they cannot switch roles and that you respect and love both of them equally. Once clarity of roles is achieved, the silly arguments like who loves you more? Whom do you give attention to maximum time, get diluted?

At the same time ensure you clarify your roles and responsibilities as a son and as a husband to your mother and your wife. You are also an individual who cannot deal with the stress of juggling the demands from both the ends.

No Right, No Wrong

In our day to day lives, it is important to understand that there is nothing completely wrong or right when we are dealing with people, emotions, and relationships. It is just a matter of perspectives. Every individual has a different thought process. In case of conflicts, talk to both your wife and mother and analyze situations from both the ends.

Talk Positive and Build Bonds

Discourage any conversation or promoting them that ignite conflict. If you feel the pulse of any matter that will lead to a dispute or argument, do not discuss it at all and avoid it as much as possible. Talk about the positive happenings and the optimistic angle to everyday happening. Develop the habit of taking the learning from every incident and improving on them every time to become a better individual.