How can a lady prepare the budget for her house in order to save more?

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It is said that when a girl marries and becomes the bride, she becomes 'Grihlaxmi', “Dhanshree”, “Laxmi”, ' Annapoorna' of her new house. She takes care of everything starting with the husband, in-laws, children and even the budget of the house. With so many responsibilities at hand, it may become difficult at times to plan the home budget. But you need not to worry at all, the below-mentioned tips and tricks will help you to handle this mammoth task:

How to Plan Home Budget?

1. Note Even the Pettiest of the Expenses: Write a list of all the expenses made on a daily basis. Even if they are trivial or significant, mention them all.

2. Write Source of Income: Write the monthly salary, from any source. Whatever income is incurred make a note of that.

3. Review the Above Two Lists: Now depending upon the number of members in your family, and by observing the lists made in point 1 and point 2, one can decide as to how much amount compulsory one has to keep aside. It can be varying from 5% of your income to even 50%.

4. Set Aside Some Fixed Saving: Once you have decided that this month you are going to save 20% of the income compulsorily, you will spend accordingly on your purchases.

5. Increase the saving: If you succeed in 20% target say, the next month, increase it to 25% and challenge yourself to save more.

This above exercise will definitely help one manage the expenses. But, in the need of saving more, it should not happen that one curtails the expenses in terms of milk, fruits, vegetables, nutritional supplements, etc. which is needed to be healthy.

Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24