How are the areas of study-evolution and classification-interlinked?

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Evolution is the process by which new types of organisms develop from ones that already exist.

Organisms are put into groups based on their physiology, biology, anatomy, or other relationships. This is called classification. All ways of putting things into groups are hierarchical.

Organisms are put into different groups based on what they have in common and what makes them different from each other. The closer two species are related to each other, the more features they share. When two species are close together, it means they share a common ancestor. A girl and her first cousin are also related, but not as much as the girl and her brother. This is because cousins' grandparents, who are their common ancestors, came before them in the second generation, not the first.

So, the way species are put into groups shows how they have changed over time, or we can say that evolution and grouping are linked.

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