How are living organisms dependent on the soil? Are organisms that live in water totally independent of soil as a resource?

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Living organisms are dependent on the soil through

(i) Soil is a natural habitat for organisms such as bacteria, fungi, algae, etc., and helps improve the soil's quality to maintain its fertility of the soil.

(ii) Soil is also a home for insects and animals like rats and rabbits.

(iii) Earthworm helps in improving the quality of the soil through nitrogen-rich excreta.

 (iv) Soil helps plants to anchor in the ground and provide nutrients for their growth and development.

Yes, organisms existing in water are dependent on the soil as a resource. The mineral nutrients are dissolved in water bodies and their recycling occurs on land through decomposers present on the soil surface.

Plants get the nitrogen that they need from the soil, where it is fixed by bacteria and archaea. Bacteria and archaea in the soil and in the roots of some plants (legumes) have the ability to convert molecular nitrogen from the air (N2) to ammonia (NH3), thereby breaking the tough triple bond of molecular nitrogen into a usable form for the plants to use.The process is known as "nitrogen fixation."

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