Have Nearbuy and Little apps been sold to Paytm?

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We are acquainted with Paytm, Nearbuy and Littleapp. These are revolutionary in the e-commerce industry.

Merging and Acquisition

Paytm has acquired both Nearbuy and Little app to merge them in December 2017. Paytm has also made a prudent investment in the merged entity for a majority stake.

Has there Been any Selling and Buying?

The news of the selling of a part of an investment of Nearbuy to Paytm, is however still questionable. As of now, Nearbuy has only been merged with Littleapp. Paytm, also did not comment on whether it bought out any stakes in Littleapp.

Consequences of the Merging

A Shock for the Customers

This recent merging has affected the business of both Little app and Nearbuy. There used to be various deals and offers running on both the platforms earlier, which attracted a lot of customers. Hence, there was a lot of customer base but the recent change, as led to a lesser number of attractive offers for the customers, which has led to fewer customers being retained now.

Benefit to Paytm

The step has been taken by Paytm very strategically and is judged to be a good business move by many economists. This acquiring of new customers will help grow their business. Additionally, Paytm can attract a large customer base by offering them exciting deals.

All and all, only time will tell what it has in store for the trio- Paytm, Nearbuy and Little app.

Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24