Habits, Procrastination and Self-Discipline, How Do They Work Together

Good or bad, Habits control our lives and so can procrastination. Self-Discipline can change all that for the good.

Course Description

Ever try changing a habit so desperately only to find out that something deep within is not willing? You have gone to counselors, psychologists, spent money on self-help books and you have been drawn to every sort of seminar that includes self-help stuff only to find yourself at the same position you were in before? It is said that it is at this moment when the subconscious and the conscious are at logger heads and in most cases your subconscious wins. 

 Our habits drive our lives, that is why it is important to bring the bad habits into our conscious awareness and replace them with good ones to be able to move forward. If you are not yet where you want to be or if you have not yet achieved what you have always desired, and this has been going on for a long time, then you ought to really examine your approaches to life and especially to your habits. What forms a habit? Why do we do some things without even thinking?

 I suggest you prepare a list of how you perceive things around you and your attitude toward life.  Of course, you will have those attitudes that do not serve you well and you don’t have to beat yourself down because of it, after all you are human. All you have to do is eliminate them completely and replace them with their opposite ones. Say you think that you are looser, and you cannot achieve anything in life or that life is way too hard whatever your perception is, your subconscious takes it in and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

 So instead of saying that, think of your past achievements or imagine how much you can achieve and how easy life can get if only you could apply the right skills. You may not believe it, but I advise that you keep doing it, fake it till you make it. Keep repeating those words to yourself as much as possible and no matter how long it takes, you will enjoy its aftermath. 

 This exercise requires some effort, full time dedication and a burning desire to really do it. You should set time for some deep analysis of your habits and do more meditation to help relax your mind. Keep the positive attributes coming until it becomes your new approach to life. Your mind will have a new command to steer you directly into your dreams.

 This course will help you do all of this and more.  We take habit control one step at a time.  I help you understand how habits work, how we can break them down into manageable parts and then go to work getting rid of old, bad habits and replacing them with new productive good habits.

Once we finish our work on habits we will move our attention to Procrastination and the art of making excuses.

In truth, efforts to procrastinate, make excuses, and just avoid certain aspects of your job or task just leads to taking longer to complete work you could do much quicker, leading to you getting less done than you could within a set amount of time. 

Additionally, it forces you to work harder, take more time away from other activities you would rather be doing, and can lead to doing poorer-quality work because you have to work faster to make up for the time you lost by procrastinating and making excuses.  And, to compound the problem you are working faster, so you will be more prone to making mistakes and not thinking clearly when doing important tasks.

Therefore, dealing with procrastination, self-doubt, and  distractions is key to overcoming excuses and getting the most high-quality work done in the least amount of time possible. 

In the coming lectures in this course,

  •  you will learn why procrastination is a major enemy to doing your best work and why it is in your best interest to overcome it.  
  • You will learn how self-doubt leads to slower work, which can negatively impact the quality of your work.  
  • You will learn how to handle both the distractions you can and cannot control so that they do not impact the quality or your work nor the time it takes you to complete them.  
  • You will learn why staying on or ahead of schedule is key to doing your best work.  
  • You will learn how to “make a game” out of getting things done promptly so you can work more efficiently.  
  • You will learn why focusing on the benefits and rewards you’ll get after completing a project is key to completing that project efficiently and doing your best work.  
  • You will learn why taking regular breaks during your project and taking care of your health and well-being are also key to doing your best work.  
  • I have designed this course to be straightforward with simple concepts that will, when practiced eliminate the need in your life to procrastinate.   

And, that, will in many ways protect and add to your good reputation, credibility and profitability.

Many of the greatest minds of any generation have spent all the time they have left after their achievements desperately pursuing the keys to success.  Having achieved such great things, they now sought to share the secret of their successes with the world. After reviewing and refuting many theories, most have given up without ever truly finding an answer. Others have been left to believe that the secret to success lies with the cards we are dealt or the opportunities we are given. Still, others are of the view that genetics will determine how successful one becomes. But the truth is that none of us were born to be ordinary and people of dissimilar upbringings often to enjoy the same level of success.

Which happy parents look down at their newborn child and imagines them being just average or just doing enough to get by?  None in their right minds of course. 

We all imagine the great things our children will do, say and accomplish from before they are conceived. And when those children are born, we do all that we can to give them the best possible start to what we hope will be a successful life. Some of these children will be born to parents with great wealth, while others will have to struggle with extremely limited financial resources. But no one knows for sure which of them will become successful. So what really is the key to success?   Self-Discipline

Most of us hate rules! When we hear the word ‘discipline,’ we are automatically reminded of convents and boot camps. Who doesn’t love living each day, as it goes, without any rules? Of course, there are joys that can be experienced by living a carefree life! But if you want a life filled with happiness, that can be sustained, you need to bring in some rules!

And no where is it written that rules are always bad. You won’t believe how incorporating discipline as part of your life can help you improve the quality of your life and sustain your happiness! I encourage you to not be immediately put off by the idea of adding some discipline to your life. I am sure that this course will give you a fresh perspective on discipline and help you realize how it improves your life! 

The first section deals with the art of discipline and how it is an important ingredient for achieving success. The second section highlights the various benefits of incorporating discipline as part of your life. The third section stresses how lack of discipline can damage your life. The fourth focuses on strategies or tips that can help you incorporate self-discipline. The fifth section we talk about famous celebrities, who have incorporated discipline as part of their lives. Finally, the sixth section throws light on why self-disciple is better and more important than motivation. Wait! What did I just say? Self-disciple is better and more important than motivation? I have written several courses on self-discovery where I stress motivation. After this course you make the call as to which is more important in your life.

I know you will find this course useful and perhaps even interesting! Thanks for being a part of it.

Hence, I strongly urge you to stay patient until you finish this course. Your patience will be duly rewarded!

Who is this course for:

  • If you are tired of being controlled by bad habits and have gotten into the “habit” of putting off change then this course will change your life, if you take it serious and apply what you have learned.


  • You will learn how habits are constructed.
  • Then you will learn how to deconstruct a bad habit one element at a time to get rid of it.
  • You will learn how to take those same habit elements and create new good, strong habits.
  • You will learn how to control your urge to procrastinate
  • You will learn how to use new good habits so that you will never procrastinate again.
  • We look at self-discipline and how the elements of discipline can alter your life’s trajectory for the good


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Habits, Procrastination and Self-Discipline, How Do They Work Together
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