Groovy Fundamentals For Testers - Step By Step

Groovy for Selenium and SoapUI

  Krishna Sakinala

   IT & Software, IT Other

  Language - English

   Published on 11/2019



This is the only Groovy Course that covers all the basics which are needed for web automation and web services automation. And this course will not cover any automation tools. It will guide you to use the groovy in your automation scripts.

I made this course very simple to understand and apply the same in your projects. I have provided all the code files which I made as part of course.

This course will provide you step by step programming knowledge. If you do NOT have any prior programming knowledge also, you will be able to understand. And it looks very simple if you have prior programming knowledge on java and you can able to relate this course with java very easily.

Groovy is one of the JVM languages and it is very similar to Java but it has more powerful features when compared to Java. If you are planning to automate any application with Selenium java then you can consider Groovy as an alternative to Java as the syntax is very simple.

With this Groovy knowledge, you can apply the same in your web services automation using soap UI as soap UI uses Groovy as a programming language. I made this course will help to web automation using selenium and web services automation using soap UI.

And this course is made especially for testers not for the developers.

When there is a chance I compared Groovy with Java as Groovy is very simple to learn and write when compared to Java.

So, what you are thinking !!!! please enroll and get the knowledge.

Who this course is for:

  • Who are interested to learn the basics of groovy
  • Who is already working on web services testing using SOAP UI
  • Who wants to work on web services testing using SOAP UI
  • Who wants to automate web application using selenium

What Will I Get ?

  • Understand the basics of groovy.
  • Able to apply the knowledge to automate web services testing with Soap UI.
  • Able to apply the knowledge to automate web applications using selenium.


  • Beginners with No programming background
  • Manual testers and Quality Assurance professionals who are looking to start career on test automation
  • Testers who want to automate web applications using selenium
  • Experienced programmers with other programming language like Java or C#.
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