Groovy Programming Fundamentals for Java Developers

Extend and enhance your Java applications with Groovy. Groovy programming is a great way to speed up and modernize your Java applications with better efficiency

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   Development, Programming Languages

  Language - English

   Published on 04/2022



This course is best suited for the beginner- to intermediate-level Java developers who want to accelerate their existing Java coding tasks using Groovy.

Interested developers in other programming languages who want to write programs that can execute on the Java Virtual Machine, without having to use Java will also find this course useful.

What Will I Get ?

  • Install Groovy and create Groovy projects in the IDE
  • Explore the Groovy toolset and use the Groovy console to execute Groovy code
  • Learn common Groovy operators that form the cornerstone of its powerful syntax
  • Use regular expressions and capture groups to parse and extract strings
  • Look at Groovy collections and the enhancements delivered by the GDK
  • Learn how to iterate and search through collections in Groovy


  • Working knowledge of the Java programming language is assumed as a prerequisite, although the course can be used without this knowledge (but it will make more sense and be easier for a Java developer to understand).
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