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Created by Asif Hussain, Last Updated 05-Sep-2019, Language:English


Google Plus is a social networking platform, a product of Google. Some of the features are similar to other social networking platforms, but the basic concept of Google Plus is creating circles of friends, families and acquaintances. The circles are generally considered as categories that you can use to interact, communicate and engage. Many businesses from all across are using and leveraging Google Plus to promote their businesses, increasing visibility, creating awareness, generating and converting them. This video tutorial extensively covers all aspects of Google Plus for businesses and explains how Google Plus can be leveraged as a marketing tool to engage with audience and grow a business.


The audience include but not limited to students, newbies, social media marketing practitioners, and professionals working in marketing departments of various organization.

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Asif Hussain

Asif Hussain has 25 years of experience in Software/IT industries working in India and Abroad. 15 years specialized in – Digital Marketing, Business Consulting, Branding & Management, Corporate Communication, Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Business Analysis, RFP, RFI, CMS/Content Marketing, Writing & Documentation, Digital Marketing Trainer, and 10 years’ experience in Analytics, Digital Transformation SMAC (Social Mobile Analytics & Cloud), Design Thinking, Web Analytics, Mobility Analytics and Growth Hacking.

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