Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect For 2021

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Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect For 2021

Achieve Google Cloud Architect Certification with latest changes for 2021.

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Course Description

This course will help you in becoming a Google Cloud Certified Architect. It will help in learning what are the various cloud offerings in Google cloud platform and how to use those offerings.

This is an ideal course to learn about Google cloud for all developers and aspiring cloud architects.

It will help in boosting your career.

This course covers

1. What is Cloud

2. Why use Google Cloud

3. How to use IAM in Google cloud and ensure security in Cloud

4 What are the compute offerings in GCP and how to use those compute offerings. It also covers where to use which compute offerings

5. What are the data storage services offered in Google Cloud and what are the best practices to store and analyze data in Google Cloud.

6. How to distribute request traffic among application backends using various load balancer options in GCP and how to decide which load balancer is best suitable for a particular use case.

7. How to migrate existing Bigdata applications in GCP.

8. How to set up a new Bigdata ETL pipeline in Google Cloud by using Dataflow

9. How to capture and analyze logs in GCP

10. How to monitor applications in Google Cloud

11. How to do application tracing to find performance bottlenecks in Google Cloud

12. How to set up CI/CD pipeline in Google Cloud

13. How to use IAC in Google cloud.

14. Practice questions.

Who this course is for:

  • Any developer who is interested in learning cloud technologies.
  • Any one who want to learn GCP


What will you learn in this course:

  • Students will lean about Google cloud and its services. It help in what's the purpose of each Google Service and achieving Professional Cloud certificate

  • Student can learn how Google cloud is different from other cloud

  • What all computation options are available in Google cloud like compute engine, Cloud Function, Kubernetes

  • How to decide which compute service should be use based on need

  • Students will learn about data storage options like Persistent disk, Local Disk, Cloud SQL, Cloud DataStore, BigQuery

  • What are various machine learning and AI offerings by Google cloud

  • How to use load balancer in GCP

  • What are the various data storing options in Cloud for different use case.

  • How to capture logs for the application in log

  • How to monitor and debug application in cloud

  • How to use IAC to create cloud resources

  • How CI/CD pipeline works in GCP

  • How to run big data processing pipeline in Google Cloud


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Just a basic understanding of Cloud computing is good enough for this course.

  • Having a developer background will make it easy to understand the concepts defined in this course

  • Basic understanding of big data and CI/CD pipeline will help in understanding the content in better way

Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect For 2021


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Cloud Computing Introduction
5 Lectures
  • play icon Welcome 02:10 02:10
  • play icon Computing Services and Challenges 06:22 06:22
  • play icon Benefit of Cloud 03:41 03:41
  • play icon Why Google Cloud 03:24 03:24
  • play icon Google Cloud Certifications 03:39 03:39
Google Cloud Introduction
9 Lectures
Resource Management and IAM
22 Lectures
Compute Engine
26 Lectures
Load Balancer
12 Lectures
Google App Engine (GAE)
17 Lectures
Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
15 Lectures
Serverless Computing - Cloud Function & Cloud Run
8 Lectures
33 Lectures
Cloud Storage
16 Lectures
Cloud SQL
12 Lectures
Cloud Spanner
8 Lectures
No SQL Databases
16 Lectures
Big Data in GCP
13 Lectures
Cloud Operation Suite
8 Lectures
IAC, CI/CD and Machine Learning
4 Lectures
Other Services in Google Cloud
3 Lectures
Case Studies
8 Lectures

Instructor Details

Nitin Singla

Nitin Singla

I have more than 15 years of IT experience in building and designing IT solutions for both start-ups and multinational companies. I am a certified Cloud solution architect for both AWS and Google Cloud.

I like to learn and experiment with the latest technology and stay away from any social media platforms

Apart from technology I love to watch movies and do some social service as well.

Course Certificate

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