Give one use each of a concave and a convex mirror.

AcademicPhysicsNCERTClass 7

Usage of concave and convex mirrors:

1. Concave mirror-

A spherical mirror in which the reflecting surface is curved inwards is said to be a concave mirror. Dentists use a concave mirror to see the enlarged image of teeth since the concave mirror can form a larger image than the object. A real, enlarged, and inverted image of the object can be obtained by a concave mirror if the object is placed between the center of the curvature and the focus of the mirror. 

Usages of concave mirrors:

Concave mirrors are used in automobile headlights, reflecting telescopes, torch lights, and as shaving mirror. etc.

2. Convex mirror-

Convex mirrors always form virtual and smaller in size images of an object. A convex mirror has the ability to form an image of an object spread over a large area if the object is placed at a larger distance. A convex mirror always forms a virtual, upright, and diminished image of the objects. 

Usages of a convex mirror:

Convex mirrors are the mirrors used as rearview mirrors in vehicles and also used in optical instruments, calling bells, etc. 

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