Give 5 reasons why should I quit non-veg and be a vegan?

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Although I was totally against being a vegan (let alone vegetarian), I still turned one off-late owing to the numerous benefits that it has. I am sure many of you must be wondering, "Who the heck bothers?", but no wait- it does help a lot in many ways. I have listed the top 5 reasons which I think are good enough to turn you vegan this New Year!

  • For the sake of the animals − You are concerned about animal welfare and so, you are the first one to start off with the trend. The ethical treatment of animals indeed still plays a major role in the way we perceive food. Leaving meat will ensure that the animals are free of mistreatment and poor farming conditions across the globe. Also, being Vegan means, you should avoid any dairy products or animal products.

  • Health issues − Health issues due to overconsumption of animal protein is another big reason why 49% of the Brits are turning vegan. According to studies, eating meat regularly can increase the risk of heart disease while eating eggs is equally bad as cigarette smoking.

  • Managing weight − Studies suggest that losing weight is much effective with a vegetarian diet than those meat-based diet plans. Therefore, many are letting go of meat as they think it will help them with their weight loss goals.

  • Environmental concerns − It's all about ethics. If you are worried about the impact on the environment with the inefficient use of water, energy, agriculture, natural habitat, or pollutants, you would automatically go vegan.

  • Savings − Meat is expensive and having it regularly can get costly for both your pocket and health. So, while you save a lot by NOT buying meat, you can also save yourself from any potential diseases caused by meat consumption.

Updated on 25-Jun-2020 11:40:31