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Geometric Flat Art Illustrations

Created by Kelvin Kobina Fosu, Last Updated 25-Nov-2020, Language:English

Geometric Flat Art Illustrations

Art, Alat art, Basic shapes, Adobe Illustrator,Illustrations

Created by Kelvin Kobina Fosu, Last Updated 25-Nov-2020, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • You'll learn to create interesting arts using basic shapes and tools in various interesting ways.
  • Experiment and manipulate art tools to create interesting arts
  • Create many different daily objects
  • Learn to be create your own objects


  • A computer that supports -Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Internet to download software


Using Adobe Illustrator CC, we will be using and changing basic shapes like rectangle, circle, polygons, stars and some conventional but intuitive methods and tools in various interesting ways to come up with stunning but simple illustration you'll love. This course assumes that you are a beginner and are passionate about intuitive illustration-creative processes. we will walk through the process of arriving at our final illustrations while having fun.

The course assumes you have Illustrator already installed but we will take you through some aspect of the process.

Course Content

Kelvin Kobina Fosu

I am an Artist by profession - an Art, Science and Technology lover; I believe they are the building blocks of the world including charity(volunteering in humanitarian activities).I spend most of my days voluntarily teaching students from 4years up in using softwares- scratch,Appinventor,Teachable Machine Learning, python ,paint3D, computer Basics, blockly games etcetera. I like to experiment with softwares and teach others how they are used in an artful thinking process.

I love to introduce people into softwares where they can intuitively feel and create things that impact the world, which led me to founding ABCD (AnyBodyCanDevelop); which encourages computer science take-up in people.

Demystifying how things are made while encouraging people to an exciting future.