Gas Turbines / Jet Engines

person icon Ahmet Oguz Hosoz

Gas Turbines / Jet Engines

All cycle types related to gas turbines and their calculation, everything about design and R&D

updated on icon Updated on Dec, 2023

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person icon Ahmet Oguz Hosoz

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Course Description

Although it is known as two separate systems in society, jet engines are the sub-branch of gas turbines in particular. Since it is a wide field, the subjects are divided into courses that are divided into various sub-titles as much as possible, thus making it easy for those looking for a special subtitle to find the subject they want. After the general explanation about the course in the content, as the main title, respectively; course content, important factors to know about gas flow, nozzles and emitters, theoretical cycles, real cycles, aircraft engines, and the fuel types used in them, as well as the emissions caused by these engines and the damage they cause to the environment and human health. 

In addition, homework questions were shared as PDFs with the links given under the sample questions. In the conclusion part, the latest developments in the sector are briefly mentioned and the interpretation part is given. Those who take this course will have sufficient knowledge and experience on the subject when they complete the course. This course will be useful for those who want to work in the aviation and aircraft industry, as well as for friends who want to take part in various power plants or energy projects, as well as in space-related projects. It is also aimed to be useful for various undergraduate and graduate school courses such as thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, gas turbines, or design and project courses. 

In the content, various assignments, articles, and resources are presented to friends who are related to the subject. Finally, during the presentation of the content, the common mistake of most instructors, "causing the student's attention away from the lesson by explaining the subject too slowly" was especially emphasized and the subjects were tried to be explained as clearly and quickly as possible.


What will you learn in this course:

  • To learn the working principle of gas turbines used in vehicles and power plants.
  • To learn about the various types of jet engines and their differences, afterburners, fuel types and their prominent features.

  • To reach a level that can solve various problems in terms of emissions, efficiency and cost, as well as internal parts and design details of gas turbines.

  • To learn the theoretical cycles in which gas turbines are idealized and to be able to make various calculations.

  • To be able to use what they have learned in various projects or problems that they may encounter at work and school.


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • It is explained in a simple way that anyone interested in engineering can understand.

  • Knowing a little about thermodynamics and fluid mechanics before the class can help you grasp the topics faster.

Gas Turbines / Jet Engines


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

3 Lectures
  • play icon Epilogue 02:10 02:10
  • play icon Definition And Classification Of Internal And External Combustion Engines 07:43 07:43
  • play icon Things To Know About Gas Flow 06:41 06:41
Nozzles & Emittors
5 Lectures
Theoretical Cycles
14 Lectures
Real Life Cycles
3 Lectures
Aircraft Engines
7 Lectures

Instructor Details

Ahmet Oguz Hosoz

Ahmet Oguz Hosoz

Engineering Instructor, Design and Analysis Specialist

Greetings to all, I am Ahmet Oğuz, a dynamic individual with a passion for mechanical engineering, online entrepreneurship, and content creation. Throughout my professional journey, I have engaged in a wide spectrum of projects, from tackling complex energy and thermodynamic challenges to designing cutting-edge machinery using the finite element method.

My proficiency in 3D modeling has equipped me with the skills and expertise to bring my designs to life in the most realistic way possible. I have collaborated with various freelance platforms, where I have completed numerous successful projects, proving my mettle in the field of mechanical engineering.

Through my journey, I have gained valuable insights into the workings of the mechanical engineering industry, as well as the finer nuances of online entrepreneurship and content creation. I strive to stay ahead of the curve by constantly updating my knowledge and skills and look forward to contributing my expertise to future projects.

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