Full YOLOv4 Pro Course Bundle

Learn how you can implement and train your own custom YOLOv4 object detection models in computer vision


This course is a perfect fit if you want to natively train your own YOLOv4 neural network. You’ll start off with a gentle introduction to the world of computer vision with YOLOv4, install darknet, and build libraries for YOLOv4 to implement YOLOv4 on images and videos in real-time.

You’ll even solve current and relevant real-world problems by building your own social distancing monitoring app and implementing vehicle tracking using the robust DeepSORT algorithm.

After that, you’ll learn more techniques and best practices/rules of how to take your Python implementations and develop GUIs for your YOLOv4 apps using PyQT.

Then, you’ll be labeling your own dataset from scratch, converting standard datasets into YOLOv4 format, amplifying your dataset 10x, and employing data augmentation to significantly increase the diversity of available data for training models, without collecting new data.

Finally, you’ll develop your own Mask Detection app to detect whether a person is wearing their mask and to flag an alert.

By the end of this course, you’d be able to implement and train your own custom CNNs with YOLOv4. It will help you in solving real-world problems, freelancing AI projects, getting that opportunity in AI, and tackling your research work by saving time and money. The world is your oyster; just start exploring the world once you have skills in AI.

All the resource files are uploaded on the GitHub repository at https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Full-YOLOv4-Pro-Course-Bundle

Audience :

This course is for developers, researchers, and students who have at least some programming experience and want to become proficient in AI for computer vision and visual recognition. An individual with machine learning knowledge and who wants to break into neural networks or AI for visual understanding, a scientist looking to apply deep learning + computer vision algorithms, individuals looking to utilize computer vision algorithms in their own projects will highly benefit from this course.


  • YOLOv4 detection on images.
  • Execute YOLOv4 detection on videos and webcam.
  • How to natively train your own custom YOLOv4 detector.
  • Prepare files to train and set up configuration files.
  • Integrate YOLOv4 with PyQT.
  • Social distancing GUI with PyQT.


  • A high-range PC/laptop, Windows 10, and CUDA Nvidia GPU graphics card are pre-requisites.
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Full YOLOv4 Pro Course Bundle
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