From a business perspective, what can be done with used plastic bottles?

There are millions of users worldwide who use plastic bottles/bags every day. There is a recommendation by the government and other private organizations to stop plastic usage as it is destroying the mother nature. So, what needs to be done? A plethora of companies are there in the recycling business. These companies collect waste plastic bottles and recycle them for other uses and make new products out of them. One of the most common types of plastic materials used for recycling is polyethene terephthalate ("PET") from beverages and water bottles. The developing awareness of plastic recycling has led to an increased demand for recycled plastic products.

Business of Recycling

Looking at this increased demand, one can invest in a business that recycles plastic bottles into granules that are further used as a raw material for making other plastic products like plastic bags, chemical bags etc. Similarly, polyester yarn is made out of extract from a plastic product which is furthered used for making clothing and accessories.

With so many uses taken into consideration, one can surely consider plastic molding and recycling as a successful business idea. Now eyeing from a creative side; it is seen that a number of small business houses and individuals are converting waste plastic bottles into beautiful decorative stuff which are even put to sell.

Plenty of Uses

With near to zero investment cost, this business idea just needs a creative mind and innovative ideas to design and market. Not only plastic bottles but plastic cups and spoons can also be used to create wall hangings, decorative vases, chandeliers and fancy lights. A plenty of uses can be derived out of plastic bottles but it should be seen that plastic is one of the most hazardous things we have on the planet as the content of carbon is extremely high in it which is devastating for nature.