Four children were asked to arrange forces due to rolling, static and sliding frictions in a decreasing order. Their arrangements are given below. Choose the correct arrangement.
$(a)$. rolling, static, sliding
$(b)$. rolling, sliding, static
$(c)$. static, sliding, rolling
$(d)$. sliding, static, rolling

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The correct answer is: $(c)$. static, sliding, rolling


Let us know a little about the static, sliding, and rolling friction:

Static friction:

When an object is placed on a surface at rest, then the friction occurring between the surfaces is called static friction.

Sliding friction:

When an object slides or moves on a surface then friction acting on the object is called sliding friction.

Rolling friction:

When an object rolls over a surface, then friction acting on the object is called rolling friction.

Comparison of static, sliding, and rolling frictions:

The sliding friction is less than the static friction and the rolling friction is less than the sliding friction.

Arrangement of static, sliding, and rolling frictions into decreasing order:

Based on the above definitions and comparisons of the static, sliding and rolling frictions the correct arrangement of forces due to rolling, static, and sliding frictions in decreasing order is as follows:

Static, Sliding, Rolling

Therefore, option $(c)$ is correct.

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