Four children measure the length of a table which was about 2 m. Each of them used different ways to measure it.
$(i)$. Sam measured it with a half metre long thread.
$(ii)$.with a 15 cm scale from her geometry box.
$(iii)$. Reena measured it using her hand span.
$(iv)$. Salim measured it using a 5 m long measuring tape.
Which one of them would get the most accurate length? Give reason for your answer.

Sam would get the most reliable length since' he is using a 5 m long measuring tape which is longer than the table. Along these lines, he can gauge the length of the table in one go accurately. While in different cases the possibility of making an error is higher because of numerous measurements. On account of Sam, no one but lengths can be measured which are definite multiples of half a meter.


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