Formulating and Facilitating Corporate Strategy

Business Management & Organization: Corporate Strategy

  Blair Cook

   Business, Strategy, Business Strategy

  Language - English

   Published on 01/2020



Are you working in finance and want to play a larger role in the strategy development process of your organization?  Perhaps you see an opportunity to formalize strategy development and execution but aren’t quite sure how to go about it? 

This is a course in strategic management.  A course that is going to cover all of the important topics of strategic management from developing mission, vision, and values; to conducting situational analysis; to formulating strategy; to executing strategy.  The course ties each of the strategic management phases together with facilitation tools and techniques that will allow the learner to make a valuable strategic contribution to their organization.

What Will I Get ?

  • Discover how to establish a strategic management process at your organization
  • Recognize how to facilitate the development and implementation of strategy at your organization
  • Identify how to play an important leadership role in strategic planning and management of your organization.


  • Exposure to corporate finance.
  • No advanced preparation is needed for this course.
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