Formal Wear

As we all know, women do have different patterns of dress for different kinds of events. They wish to wear a different kind of dress each time and be attractive. These formal dresses are of different types for them. Some of those kinds are cocktail dresses, gowns, ball gowns, midi dresses, and jacket dresses.

What is Formal Wear?

The term “formal wear” refers to the type of dress that is to be worn only for formal occasions. Formal occasions like weddings, confirmations, events, Easter, and festival events, along with some other events like dinners, balls, and horse racing events. This formal wear is different for different age groups. This is the most followed trend in western countries. It is usually a fashion trend in most countries to maintain separate dress codes for different events. Similarly, this formal wear is worn at one such event.

Formal wear, often called a full dress, is divided into formal daywear and formal evening wear. In western countries, these are referred to as morning coats and dress coats. These are also of different kinds depending on the type of event for which they are worn. Let’s discuss the formal dress of women today.

Cocktail Dress

This dress is usually considered a semi-formal dress as it is mostly worn at parties and gatherings. This is usually very comfortable attire; in which you can even dance with your partner. Hence, it is mostly preferred for parties. A perfect black tie partner standing beside the cocktail lady will definitely stand out as the best pair for that night. Cocktail attire is designed to blur the line between day and night.

These are usually made of silk, satin, or chiffon, as these create the most elegant look. This is the most chosen and popular dress code for most parties and gatherings.


These are a bit like cocktails, but they are usually very long, up to eight feet. The term “gown” refers to long, robe-like clothing usually worn by both men and women. These gowns give the evening lady the best look. These gowns are usually made of rich fabrics like chiffon, velvet, satin, organza, etc. Silk gowns are the most popular option for many evening events.

These gowns were worn for the first time by the students of western country universities in the late twelfth century. They feel like these gowns would increase their status in society.

Ball gowns

Ball gowns are a type of gown in which the bottom part of the gown resembles the shape of a ball. These are usually worn at a formal event. These can be of two kinds: sleeved and sleeveless. Sleeved ball gowns are mostly worn as they look more attractive. These are the perfect shoes to wear when one wants to stand at an official event. These ball gowns are modified from time to time to fit the current trend.

Midi Dresses

This is often called a midi skirt, which is just like a skirt in which the hem ends halfway between the knee and ankle. This is the best casual dress for both children and adults. A top with decorated appliques can be worn as a pair with this. The most common midi dress has its hem just above the swell of a calf.

Midi dresses are most commonly worn on the eve of marriages and functions, traditional gatherings, etc. There are different kinds of midi dresses depending on their fashion design. A few examples include the Bodycon Midi Dress, Bardot Midi Dress, Long Sleeve Midi Dress, Lace Midi Dress, and Midi Wrap Dress.

Jacket Dresses

A jacket dress is an attire that has a shirt-like garment in addition to the base garment. The base garment can be any kind of dress, namely churidar, lehenga, etc. This jacket is generally made up of chiffon, cotton, silk, and jean cloth. This jean garment adds extra attractiveness to the base garment.

These are the most common formal and semi-formal outfits for women. Now let’s have a look at the formal and semi-formal outfits of men and children.

There are different kinds of formal attributes for a man. Some of them are formal trousers, a white pique vest, and black patent leather court shoes.

Formal Trousers and Plain Shirts

This combo is the best combo for many formal events, right from technical interviews to technical conferences. Even this can be worn with a jacket to create a much more elegant look. The most common colour combo for this attire is blue trousers and a black shirt, along with a black jacket.

A White Pique Vest

In this, the centre of attraction is that white pique. The main consideration in this white pique waistcoat is the size of the waistcoat. We should be very careful in choosing its size. This should be perfectly fitted to a person’s body in order to give him the best look.

Similarly, formal wear for a child can be considered as a dress that can be worn by them for a formal event. Formal wear for a girl may be a party gown, frock, suit, or formal gown, whereas the same for a boy may be a suit, tuxedo, blazer, or tied up with a tie.

Usually, these dinner jackets are called tuxes in western countries. A normal suit may or may not contain a tie, whereas this tuxedo will definitely contain a black or blue tie at the proper position. These are the most commonly used formal dresses for men, women, and children.


From the above article, you must be aware of what a formal dress is and what kinds of formal dresses are. Formal dresses of both genders are perfectly made such that they make the pair who wear them look more attractive than the one who doesn’t. This trend has come from western countries and spread to almost all countries.


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