Five Weird Places of Your Body Where Hair Grows

Are you tired of finding unexpected hair in the most peculiar places? Well, brace yourself because we've got a list that might surprise you! From earlobes to toes, body hair tends to grow in strange spots. This blog post will explore five bizarre areas where hair can sprout up and why it happens. So sit back, relax, and get ready for some hairy surprises!

1. Nose

It is typical for hair growth inside the nose as it acts like a filter and prevents external foreign bodies like dust, pollen, and other foreign particles from getting into the lungs through the nasal cavity. Apart from internal nasal hair, people have nasal hair on the external nasal surface that appears more prominent in some because of the combined effects of hormonal imbalance and genetics.

External nasal hair is designed to absorb sweat and regulate the temperature of the nasal region of the face. But increased nasal hair can look unappealing. Two types of hair can be found on the nasal surface.

Terminal Hair

Clusters on the tip of the nose and the middle of the eyebrows

Vellus Hair

Scattered throughout the other parts of the nose

Treatment Options

Nose trimmers

Suitable for internal nasal hair but may not be as effective for external nasal hair.


More effective than trimming as it removes the whole hair shaft instead of individually removing it.

Laser hair removal method

It targets the hair follicles on the nasal surface and significantly decreases the intensity of their growth.

2. Nipples

Hair growth on the nipples can be because of body changes. Sometimes, they can even result from testosterone overproduction or hirsutism tendencies. Hairy nipples are a cause of great embarrassment to females because fewer women report it. Some of the other causes of hairy nipples are

  • Hormonal changes during pregnancy and menopause

  • Overproduction of male hormones because of hirsutism, acromegaly, and adrenal tumors of the body

  • Because of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

  • Side effect of medications like glucocorticosteroids and immunotherapy drugs

Treatment of Hairy Nipples

  • Tweezing the hairs out of the breasts and nipples

  • Trimming nipple hair when the hairs are of an increased number or density

  • Shaving the nipple hair

  • Removing through laser therapy

  • Taking help for PCOS that, once under control, can decrease nipple hair

3. Navel

It is normal to have some amount of hair on the navel region around the belly button, under the belly button, and even inside the belly button. Some of the chief causes of increased navel hair are

  • Genetics

  • Hirsutism

  • Age

  • PCOD

  • Cushing's Syndrome

  • Adrenal Hyperplasia

  • Hormonal Changes

Treatment of hairy navel

  • Using hair removal creams and lotions

  • By waxing

  • Using electric epilators to remove hair from the navel

4. Chin

It is normal for men to have a hairy chin or grow a beard around it. But in women, a hairy chin can look unappealing and reduce their self-esteem significantly. Vellus hair or peach fuzz hair is normal and has the appearance of fine light-colored hair. But at times, the vellus hair becomes coarse in appearance and increases in length and darkness. Some of the chief causes of coarse chin hair are

  • During puberty, because of hormonal fluctuations

  • Menopause impacts hormone levels and gives rise to coarse-looking chin hairs that don't respond to plucking.

  • Pcos that, along with unwanted chin hair, resul tsin other symptoms of acne, weight gain, headaches, dark patches on the skin creases, and heavy bleeding.

Treatment Options

  • You should get medical help for chin hair if it suddenly increases in intensity and results in severe acne and hairy growth on other parts of the body.

  • Waxing can increase the intensity of hair on the chin, over the lips, and side-burns significantly.

  • Topical prescription medicines like Vaniqa have been clinically proven to work on the hair-growth cycles and reduce the growth moderately.

5. Neck and Torso

Hair on the neck and torso is fairly uncommon and observed in cases of extreme hormonal fluctuation in menopause and pregnancy. At times the neck hair can be a result of genetics and passed down through generations in the family. Hirsutism is another condition resulting in moderate to moderately severe hair growth in the neck and areas around it.

Hair on the back was similarly developed to regulate temperature and help us sweat out the impurities. But in some people, it assumes an excessive growth with the growth extending to the lower back, buttocks, and thighs. In such conditions, blood tests can determine whether the growth is genetic or because of underlying systemic deficits.

Treatment Options

  • Waxing is one of the chief methods of dealing with hair on the neck and torso. Regular waxing keeps the area clean and prevents dirt and sebum from clogging the pores and causing acne to form over it.

  • Laser hair removal is another effective method of getting rid of back hair permanently. But in some conditions, the hairs regrow after a certain period of time, and the procedure needs to be repeated eventually.


From the toes of your feet to your chin and nipples, these five weird places can be taken care of with regular grooming and maintenance. So don't be embarrassed by the unique ways body hair grows – embrace them!

Updated on: 05-May-2023


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