Find the product using suitable properties.
(a) $ 738 \times 103 $(b) $854 \times 102$
(c) $258 \times 1008$
(d) $1005 \times 168$

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To do: 

We have to find the products using suitable property.


Distributive Property:

The distributive property of multiplication states that when a factor is multiplied by the sum or difference of two terms, it is essential to multiply each of the two numbers by the factor, and finally perform the addition or subtraction operation.

This property is symbolically stated as:

$a (b+c) = a\times b + a\times c$

$a (b-c) = a\times b - a\times c$

Therefore using Distributive property,

(a) $738 \times 103=738\times(100+3)$




(b) $854 \times 102=854\times(100+2)$




(c) $258 \times 1008=258\times(1000+8)$




(d) $1005 \times 168=(1000+5)\times168$




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