Explain why objects moving in fluids must have special shapes.

To do:

We have to explain why objects moving in fluids must have special shapes.


Let us know the motion of objects in fluids and the roles of their shapes-

Motion of objects in fluids:

When an object moves in a fluids$(water\ or\ air)$, fluids exert a resistive force that is called drag by fluids. The drag offered by the fluids resists the motion of the object.

Role of the shape of moving objects in fluid:

Objects that have a large surface area experience larger drag by the fluid than the drag experienced by objects with less surface area.

Streamlined shapes:

Objects that are pointed at the ends and broad in middle are called streamlined objects. The streamlined shape of an object helps the object to move in fluids easily without experiencing larger friction.

Fish and birds have streamlined bodies that help them to move in fluids such as water and air.

Objects moving in fluids have special shapes:

To minimize the drag(friction) offered by fluids, the objects moving in fluids are designed in a special shape known as a streamlined shape. The streamlined shape of the moving objects helps to move in fluids easily as this type of shape reduces the friction very much.


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