Explain the working and application of a sonar.

To do:
To explain the working and application of a sonar.


Let us know first what is a SONAR:
SONAR stands for:
So, the full name of SONAR is Sound Navigation And Ranging.

Working of a SONAR:

  • A SONAR system is installed in ships or boats to detect underwater objects.
  • A SONAR consists of a transmitter and a receiver.
  • The transmitter used in SONAR produces powerful ultrasonic waves and these powerful ultrasonic waves travel through the water and gets reflected by the object.
  • These reflected ultrasounds reached the receiver of a SONAR which then converted into electrical signals.
  • These electrical signals are then interpreted.
Let us see the image below to understand how a SONAR system works to detect underwater objects.

Applications of SONAR:
The followings are some different applications of the SONAR system:
  1. SONAR is a device that is used to find the depth of a sea.
  2. SONAR system is used to locate underwater things like shoals of fish, shipwrecks, and enemy submarines.
  3. SONAR is used for the detection of defects in metal blocks.
  4. SONAR is used in the medical field for the detection of cysts and cancer.
  5. SONAR is used to find the defects in the oil and gas pipelines.

Updated on: 10-Oct-2022

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