Explain how you can take care of your eyes.

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To do:
We have to explain how we can take care of our eyes.

The eyes are a very precious and very sensitive part of the human body. This human organ makes a person able to see the thing in the surroundings. Eyes receive light from the surroundings and send this visual information to our brain that makes us able to see things. Let us know how can we take care of our eyes from getting damaged:

Proper care of eyes:
Proper care of our eyes is very necessary. We should take care of our eyes as follows:

Proper position of sitting:
We should always sit straight at the time of reading or writing.
Suitable spectacles:

We must use suitable spectacles if advised.

Regular washing:

Regularly we must wash our eyes with clean water.

Avoid direct sunlight:

We should never look at the sun directly in order to protect our eyes from getting blindness.

Always read or write in the proper light:

We should always read or write in the proper light in order to save our eyes from fatigue.

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