Executive Program in Global Supply Chain Management

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Executive Program in Global Supply Chain Management

A must know conceptual & practical program for Global Supply Chain professionals of 21st Century

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Course Description

This extensive course will help you to learn all key concepts one must know as a supply chain professional and that includes.

  • Deep understanding of the each business function viz. Operations, demand planning, supply planning, inventory, warehousing, purchasing & logistics
  • Introduction to business operations, Transformation Process, Operations in manufacturing, Service & retail organizations.
  • What is Demand and Supply, What is key difference? Who are responsible to plan demand and supply? and related examples.
  • Obstacles when demand and supply are imbalanced.
  • Introduction to Supply Chain, Different flows in Supply Chain.
  • Evolution of Supply Chain (From 1913's assembly line till now and way ahead)
  • Insights of Supply Chain with respect to SCOR (Supply Chain Operational Reference) model
  • What is value Chain and how it is interlinked with Supply Chain. Difference between Value Chain & Supply Chain
  • What are job roles & responsibilities in Supply Chain function
  • Supply Chain Flow with sequence of activities in the entire flow.
  • Understand SCOR Model, Its Characteristics, Details about all processes in SCOR Model, Benefits of SCOR Model, KPI"s that are recommended in SCOR Model.
  • Thoroughly understand what is demand Planning? Quick glance on difference between demand & sales.
  • Thoroughly understand what are major determinants of demand in the market / What factors influence the demand of product or services
  • Learn about Why demand planning, What are the benefits of demand planning & Role of a demand planner
  • Learn about factors (Internal & External to Organization) Influence demand planning process.?
  • Understand characteristics of Forecast, Forecasting process (Step by step), How to construct demand forecasts.
  • Learn about Planning horizons in demand forecasting process.
  • Understand different Types of forecasting process (Qualitative forecasting and quantitative forecasting and models inside these)
  • Quick glance on which forecasting methods are best to use?Understand why aggregate level forecast accuracy is usually higher
  • Learning about Inventory Management, types of inventory, 6 reasons to keep inventories..
  • Thoroughly understand what is Supply Planning? Learn about steps in Supply Planning.
  • Learn about What is Master production schedule (MPS) & Materials Requirement Planning (MRP). Understand all Inputs & Outputs of MPS & MRP
  • Wonderful explanation about difference between MPS & MRP.
  • What is interlink and sequence of Business plans (Strategic Plan, Business Plan/Profit Plan, S&OP, MPS & MRP)
  • Real life example & Calculations of how MPS & MRP Runs to convert demand plans into day to day tactical plans.
  • Learn about factors of determinants of Supply for particular product or service in the market.
  • Types of manufacturing planning environment (MTO, MTS, ATO, ETO), Brief comparison of all types and examples of each of them.
  • Learn more about what is Purchasing, What is Procurement, How both of these differ.
  • Understand what is Vendor Managed Inventory and what are its benefits.
  • Learnings about 5 Step S&OP (Sales & Operations Planning process) with key stakeholders and responsibilities in each steps.
  • Types of Planning in Supply Chain - Long term, Mid term and short term
  • Everything you must know about Purchasing & Procurement, Difference, sourcing process, Types of procurement...
  • Case study of Wal Mart - For using best supply chain methods, technologies and leveraging world class supply chain benefits.
  • In-depth understanding of Logistics, Transportation & Warehousing.. Processes in each of them, Modes of transport, types of logistics..
  • Key concepts like LTL, FTL, Reverse logistics, Types of warehouse, modes of transport and their differences.


What will you learn in this course:

Background of the course

This course will help you drastically improve your knowledge and skills in Global supply chain practices through a series of must know concepts, practical cases, case studies, calculations and examples. This course is designed by Academic & Industry experts in the field for everyone who is in Supply Chain role or wanted to make their career in the field. This course is designed for Supply Chain Managers, Analysts, Buyers, Demand Planners, Inventory planners, Transportation, warehousing & Logistics planners & even supply chain leaders.

What this course covers?

This course covers extensive content in a simple explanations and covers more than 15 key topics as below.

Operations Management

  • Business Operations
  • Input & Output of Business Operations
  • Transformation process
  • Example of Manufacturing & Service Operations
  • Goods Vs Services

Demand & Supply

  • What is demand?
  • Organizational functions who derive demand
  • What is Supply?
  • Organizational functions helps to meet Supply
  • Demand & Supply Example
  • Impact when Demand & Supply is imbalanced

Introduction to Supply Chain Management

  • Definition
  • Goal of Supply Chain Management
  • Partners & Flows in Supply Chain Management

Evolution of Supply Chain Management (From 1913’s till now and way ahead)

  • Historical developments from Assembly line
  • Mass Production
  • MRP, MRP II, Outsourcing, ERP, EDI, IT Systems
  • Business Process Reengineering, Globalization.

Distribution Network in Supply Chain

  • Distribution Channel & its types
  • Distribution Partners
  • Difference between distribution partners

SCOR (Supply Chain Operational Reference) Model in Supply Chain.

  • What is SCOR Model?
  • Characteristics of SCOR Model
  • Processes in SCOR Model
  • KPI’s recommended from SCOR Model
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of SCOR Model
  • Outcomes of SCOR Model (Practices)

Flows in Supply Chain & Interlink with SCOR

  • Supply Chain end to end process flow
  • SCOR Processes & Interlink with flow
  • Job Roles in Supply Chain & their involvement with each process

Value Chain

  • Definition of Value
  • Meaning of Value Chain
  • Primary & Support activities in Value Chain
  • Primary -  Inbound & Outbound logistics, Operations, Marketing & Sales, Service
  • Secondary – Firm infrastructure, HRM, Technological development, Procurement
  • Value Chain Vs Supply Chain
  • Process flows in Value chain & Supply Chain
  • Benefits of Value Chain

Inventory Management

  • Inventory
  • Types of inventory
  • Six reasons why business needs inventories

Demand Planning

  • Determinants of demand, Impact of each determinant with example
  • What is demand planning?
  • Why demand planning is required?
  • Complexities in demand planning process.
  • Demand planning process steps
  • Benefits of demand planning
  • Role of Demand Planner
  • Characteristics of forecast.

Planning Horizons & Forecasting Methods

  • Planning horizon meaning & types
  • Activities falls in different planning horizons
  • Forecasting methods
  • Qualitative forecasting – Executive Opinion, Salesforce composite, Market survey, Delphi method
  • Quantitative forecasting – Time Series, Regression Model
  • Which forecasting method is best with examples?

Supply Planning

  • Determinants of Supply, Impact of each determinant with example
  • Recap on Demand planning
  • What is supply planning?
  • Demand Planning Vs Supply Planning
  • Goal of Supply Planning
  • Example of Demand & Supply Planning
  • Steps in Supply Planning Process

Master Production Schedule (MPS)

  • What is MPS , Its interlink with Demand Plan
  • Example how to run MPS
  • Inputs & Outputs of MPS
  • Bill of Material & Example

Materials Requirement Planning (MRP)

  • What is MRP , Its interlink with MPS
  • Objectives of MRP
  • Inputs & Outputs of MRP
  • Example & Calculation of MRP with examples


  • Dependent demand Vs Independent demand
  • Difference between MPS & MRP.

Planning Flow

  • Interlink between Demand Planning, MPS, MRP
  • MPS & MRP Calculation example for a bottle manufacturing company

Planning strategies in manufacturing environment

  • Make to Stock (MTS) with example
  • Assemble to Order (ATO) with example
  • Make to Order (MRO) with example
  • Engineer to Order (ETO) with example
  • Comparison between all 4 strategies.

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

  • Evolution of S&OP (from 1970’s)
  • What is S&OP?
  • Demand & Supply in S&OP
  • 5 Steps of S&OP Process
  • Data Collection & New Products planning
  • Demand Planning
  • Supply Planning
  • Consensus / Financial Integration
  • Executive Review.

Types of Planning in Business

  • Short, Mid & Long term planning
  • Business Plan, Profit Plan,  S&OP, MPS, MRP Interlink

Purchasing & Procurement

  • Purchasing & Procurement
  • Purchasing cycle
  • Procurement cycle
  • Overview on Sourcing & Contract Management
  • Market Research through RFI, RFP & RFQ.
  • Spend analysis & steps in spend analysis.
  • Direct & Indirect Procurement
  • Difference between Purchasing & Procurement
  • Overview on Total Cost of ownership

Case Study of Walmart

  • Supply Chain Methods used by Walmart – Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Collaborative Planning Forecasting & Replenishment (CPFR)
  • IT Technologies Used by Walmart – Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Electronic data interchange (EDI)
  • Benefits achieved by Walmart.

Logistics Management

  • Logistics
  • Activities in Logistics
  • 7R’s of Logistics
  • Types of Logistics
  • Why Business needs logistics Management
  • Reverse logistics

Transportation Management

  • Transportation
  • Activities in transportation
  • Transportation infrastructure
  • Key functions of transportation Management
  • Types of transportation & their features.
  • Difference between transportation modes.
  • LTL & FTL, Difference between both of them.

Warehousing Management

  • What is warehouse, features of warehouse
  • Activities performed in warehousing
  • Need for warehousing in supply chain
  • Types of warehouses (Private, Public, Co-operative, Government, Bonded, Climate controlled, Automated, Distribution centers).


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Prerequsites for the course are
    • English Language

    • Software used to read PDF documents (Like Adobe)

    • Learning & attentive mindset

    • This course is for 

      • Professionals - Like Buyers, Demand Planners, Logistics Planners, Inventory Planners, Supply Chain Managers, Supply Chain Analysts.

      • Professionals looking to make their career or switch their careen in Supply Chain field.
Executive Program in Global Supply Chain Management


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Introduction to Business Operations & Operations Management
3 Lectures
  • play icon What is Executive Program in Global Supply Chain Management? 03:53 03:53
  • play icon Introduction to Agenda 02:30 02:30
  • play icon Operations Management 11:53 11:53
Supply Chain Management
4 Lectures
SCOR (Supply Chain Operational Reference) Model in Supply Chain.
3 Lectures
Inventory Management
1 Lectures
Value Chain
1 Lectures
Demand Planning
3 Lectures
Supply Planning
6 Lectures
Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)
2 Lectures
Purchasing & Procurement
3 Lectures
Supply Chain Case Study - Walmart
1 Lectures
Logistics, Transportation & Warehousing Management
7 Lectures
Lecture Handouts
6 Lectures

Instructor Details

SITMI Academy

SITMI Academy

SITMI is offering multiple courses in the Management areas, SITMI has been successful in its expansion in 8 countries and making further expansions. SITMI has been expert in launching courses in Supply Chain, Human Resource, Lean Management, Operations Management, International Business and other areas.

SITMI works collaboratively with multiple experts in Academics and Industrial sector to make quality contents and making them available for the audience.

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