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Excel for Financial Analysis and Financial Modeling

Created by Abhishek And Pukhraj, Last Updated 11-Oct-2020, Language:English

Excel for Financial Analysis and Financial Modeling

Perform financial analysis & financial modeling using Microsoft excel. For people who want to become a Financial Analyst

Created by Abhishek And Pukhraj, Last Updated 11-Oct-2020, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • Use MS excel to create and automate the calculation of Financial ratios
  • Become proficient in Excel data tools like Sorting, Filtering, Data validations and Data importing
  • Implement predictive ML models such as simple and multiple linear regression to predict outcomes to real world Finance problems
  • Knowledge of all the essential Excel formulas required for Financial Analysis


  • You will need a PC with any version of Excel installed in it


How this course will help you?

A Verifiable Certificate of Completion is presented to all students who undertake this Financial Analytics: Strategies & Models in Excel course.

If you are an Finance manager or an executive, or a student who wants to learn and apply analytics techniques to real world problems of the Finance business function, this course will give you a solid base for that by teaching you the most popular Financial analytics models and how to implement it them in MS Excel.

Why should you choose this course?

We believe in teaching by example. This course is no exception. Every Section’s primary focus is to teach you the concepts through how-to examples. Each section has the following components:

  • Theoretical concepts and use cases of different Financial models

  • Step-by-step instructions on implementing Financial models in excel

  • Downloadable Excel files containing data and solutions used in each lecture

  • Class notes and assignments to revise and practice the concepts

The practical classes where we create the model for each of these strategies is something which differentiates this course from any other course available online.

Course Content

Abhishek And Pukhraj

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