Excel VBA Files & Folders Data Handling - FileSystemObject Class Series5

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Excel VBA Files & Folders Data Handling - FileSystemObject Class Series5

How to work with FOLDERS and FILES inside them

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Course Description

Learn about Folders and Files - How to work with them dynamically- Must learn course for Data Analysts and vba developers

How to handle Excel files lying inside a Folder or Folders

How to pull out the data from a folder which has 1000s excel files . What if you need to copy the data from each of these files and compile it under one roof.

How to skip files with different extensions like .png or .doc etc .

We are taking a deep dive into Scripting library which offers us powerful Classes like FileSystemObject, File class and Folder Class

You will be able to handle large or small data coming from different files . You can use Vlookups in 100s of files with no difficulty after finishing this.

How to work with TEXT files. How to transfer txt file data into excel and vice versa as well.

How to modify the Text file columns data using File System object class

How to use Collection Loops to loop through thousands of files inside folders and subfolders.

Use of File Dialogs like SaveAs, OpenFile or OpenFolder

How to create Folders, Sub Folders - if they exists how to avoid re-creating them

Using FileDialogs take you VBA to a new level where selecting a folder and files will be done dynamically .

Very practical Projects for you with clear explanation including the office file dialog class with fie system object class


What will you learn in this course:

  • We are Learning to deal with every type of file and folders data - Using one of the important library in VBA called SCRIPTING which offers us amazing classes like FileSystemObject , Folder and Files etc .
  • Use of Filesystem object class, text stream class, folder and file classes are discussed in this series from basic to advance.

  • How to go inside a folder and pick the needed files and then do the things like compiling data from them or modifying the files or moving them or deleting them.

  • Learn how to use the file-dialogs so that user can choose any folder of his or her choice and work accordingly.

  • Not just folders or Excel files -we are also going to see what to do if we have to overwrite or append the data in text files. Yes, we can even control the text files using scripting library, Very useful especially when you are dealing with big data.

  • Skip the files while running loops which you do not want. Set the filters in the extensions using file dialogs. Learn all types of file dialogs like open dialog. save as dialog, folder dialog and also why and where we can use them.

  • Customization of file dialog buttons, titles to how to open multiple files with them to make more user friendly and robust program which can be run in any machine irrespective of the drives or folder paths they have.

  • Learn to manipulate text files using scripting library. We have everything discussed here from basic level to advance level when it comes to file and folder manipulations.

  • Introducing the Collection Loops used to deal with text file data or hundred of folders or thousand of files.

  • Use if conditions and collection loops in the two amazing projects to show you the real use of libraries and loops.

  • Assignment are added so that you can practice and check your score . Doubts will always be answered if asked.


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Knowledge of Basic Loops, Collection loops, IF Functions , Variables is required. Any Excel version 2007 or above is ok.
Excel VBA Files & Folders Data Handling - FileSystemObject Class Series5


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Folder And Files Working
12 Lectures
  • play icon What are we going to Cover - DEMO
  • play icon Demo about course topics 08:28 08:28
  • play icon Begin with the Course- Loop Excel Files under a FOLDER using Arrays , IF statements etc - Its very powerful
  • play icon Files and Folder loops 01:37:48 01:37:48
  • play icon Work with Text files
  • play icon Text file 01:07:05 01:07:05
  • play icon Project for you
  • play icon Project 14:35 14:35
  • play icon Introducing FILE DIALOGS for you
  • play icon File Dialogs Introducing 01:06:23 01:06:23
  • play icon File Dialogs and Subfolder collection Loops project
  • play icon Project using file Dialogs 32:18 32:18

Instructor Details

ajay parmar

ajay parmar

Data Analytics Trainer

I have been teaching online from 10 years now and teaching is my hobby and passion. I cannot think of anything better than teaching and shaping up students career. Enroll today and take your knowledge to the next level. My training content is my proud and you will not be disappointed. I teach advance Excel, Excel VBA, MS Access, Access VBA, PowerQuery, M code in Powerquery, PowerPivot,DAX Formulas,Power BI and WebScraping using html libraries in VBA.

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