Ethnic Jewelry vs Contemporary Jewelry

Jewelry is a decorative item that women mostly wear to express themselves. The main motive for wearing jewellery is to enhance the outfit and look more elegant. In ancient times, people used to wear heavy jewellery to showcase their wealth and status in society. Over time, the meaning of it has changed, but the love for jewellery remains the same. Jewelry is now worn more for fashion and to adorn one’s body.Along with the decorative items, jewellery carries numerous patterns, each of which has different meanings and significant symbolism.

Jewelry is one of the oldest types of archaeological artifacts, having been made long ago from beads. It was made from collecting various materials like amber, beads, shells, and precious metals. There are various types of jewellery that are worn on different occasions. Ethnic, western, and contemporary are three of them. Ethnic jewellery is mainly worn with traditional outfits, whereas western jewellery is more of a modern type of jewellery that is worn with various western dresses.

Ethnic Jewelry

Ethnic jewellery is jewellery that is associated with a specific ethnic group. This type of jewellery is generally worn on traditional occasions. Ethnic jewellery is very noticeable and famous worldwide. These are very colourful and decorated with feathers. Ethnic jewellery is generally long. The origin of ethnic jewellery is Africa. The materials were imported from Africa for use in the production of ethnic jewellery all over the world.

Ethnic jewellery is made from beads, wire, ribbons, wood, plastic, and feathers. Rubber plays an essential role in the making of ethnic jewelry. Due to this, ethnic jewellery is quite expensive to manufacture. But with the characteristics of rubber, ethnic jewellery can be moulded into different shapes.

Ethnic jewellery is beautiful and eye-catching. Due to the use of rubber, ethnic jewellery has the following advantages

  • Environment friendly
  • Recyclable
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Nickel free
  • Lightweight

Contemporary Jewelry

Contemporary pieces of jewellery are generally worn according to the trend. They symbolise art, which focuses on creativity and inspiration and is also influenced by culture. Contemporary jewellery is a representation of culture and societal attitudes. This type of jewellery is not limited to some function or festival but is encouraged by creativity. These are made from mixed metals and alloys.

The primary goal of contemporary jewellery Is to celebrate artistry and diversify jewellery wear. With creative designs, contemporary jewellery is loved by many people today. It shows a new way of living and owning your life the way you want.

Western Jewelry

Western jewelry, or “modern jewelry,” is a type of jewellery that focuses on the aesthetic appeal of today’s era. This type of jewellery has a beautiful appearance and is widely worn with western dresses. Western jewellery is made from metals with modern designs. The designs give the wearer an elegant look. They come in snowflakes, diamond stars, and many more designs. These are exotic and delicate to handle, yet durable.

Western jewellery generally comes in crystal and pastel colors. The primary colour used in the colour of western jewellery is white. The white colour symbolises purity and perfection. Western jewellery also denotes love, elegance, and divinity. Western jewellery has historical significance in Europe.

Difference between ethnic, western, and contemporary jewellery

Jewelry is the focal point of any outfit. But, at the same time, there are different styles of jewellery worn with different outfits. Whereas ethnic jewellery complements traditional outfits worn at weddings or festivals, western and contemporary jewellery is appropriate for evenings and parties when a subtle and aesthetic look is desired.

There is not much difference between contemporary and western jewelry. Whereas western jewellery has a more aesthetic appeal, contemporary jewellery is crafted with materiality and social context in mind as well as aesthetic appeals that must be in style.

Basis Ethnic Western Contemporary


They vary from Stones, Kundan, and Meenakari to hand-painted, antique, and used mirrors.

They vary from minimal to funky jewelry with aesthetic appeal.

It has a variety of options when it comes to styles, including statement neckpieces, using crystals, and metal bands, which gives aesthetic appeal with social context.


More gold, silver, turquoise, and traditional colors are used.

Crystal and pastel colors are used.

It generally bares Eye catchy colors.


These are more geometric shapes inspired by old traditions.

These vary from stud earrings to lengthy statement neckpieces.

They come in all sorts of patterns.

When to Wear

They are best to wear with traditional outfits and are suitable for weddings and festivals.

It can generally be worn as everyday jewelry and for minimal party looks.

They are worn at weddings, festivals, and parties.

Base Metals

Made from gold, silver, and rose gold.

It is made from any metal, including stainless steel, plastics, sterling silver, brass, and copper.

It made from mixed metals or alloys, which makes them more durable.

Stone Type

Kundan, American Diamond, Amethyst, Crystals, Pearls, etc.

Onyx, cubic zirconia, quartz, artificial stones, amethyst.

Artificial stones and beads, opal, emerald, faux ruby, etc


These are more delicate.

These are more durable and less delicate than ethnic jewelry.

These are more durable and less delicate than ethnic jewelry.


It is incredible how wearing jewellery can express our feelings and showcase ourselves. They help to bring out a different side of you. Jewelry increases the grace of anyone wearing it. Different stones, colors, and the way of wearing them can create a classy look. It depends on you and how you want to present yourself. Neck wrapped in different colours and shiny metals. On different occasions, you can wear different jewelry. It is time to show the world how you think by wearing sparkling jewelry.

Updated on: 10-Apr-2023


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