Engine Lubrication Systems; Basic to Advanced

Lubrication systems & Oils

  Palem Vamsi

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   Published on 11/2020



Basic Functions of lubrication system-Six main functions of Lubrication subsystems

Basic components of lubrication system-Basic components of the lubrication systems

Types of lubrication in IC engines-Pressure lubrication , Splash lubrication

Properties of Lube oils-Flash point, pour point, viscosity, Viscosity index,

Oil pressure signal in Engines

Lube oil terminology-grades of lubrication , How to judge the grades of lube oil and climatic conditions in which the oil must be used

Calibrate lube oil dipstick-When replacing a missing or defective dipstick, replace the engine oil and filters, installing the exact OEM specified quantity. Run the engine for a couple of minutes then shut down and leave for 10 minutes. Dip the oil sump with the new dipstick and scribe the high level graduation with an electric pencil. Measure the distance from the high-level to low-level graduations on the old dipstick and then duplicate on the replacement.

What Will I Get ?

  • Lube oil properties, Dipstick calibration, Lube oil terminology, System components, types of filtration


  • Basic mechanical Engineering & IC engines background
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Engine Lubrication Systems; Basic to Advanced
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