Energy from various sources is considered to have been derived from the sun. Do you agree? Justify your answer.

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Given Statement: "Energy from various sources is considered to have been derived from the sun."

Yes, agree with the given statement as the sun is considered to be the major source of energy on earth as all the forms of energy are derived from the sun directly or indirectly. By the given forms of energy below we can understand how is the sun a major source of energy:

1. wind energy: Wind is the result of a pressure difference that is created due to uneven heating of the earth.

2. Ocean thermal energy: The difference between the temperature of the surface of the water and the depth of the ocean is due to the sun that causes the Ocean thermal energy.

3. Wave energy:  Strong wind storm forms wave energy and these strong wind storms are due to the sun.

4. Solar Energy: Electricity is generated due to the photoelectric effect which is possible in the presence of sunlight only.

6. Waterfall energy: Electricity is generated by rotating the turbine of the generator. And the turbine is rotated through waterfalls. Sun causes flow in water and waterfall.

7. Bio-mass energy: Plants consume energy from sunlight and convert it into chemical energy. Animals eat plants and convert them into waste which is used to obtain energy.

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