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For business owners, email lists can yield dramatic rewards. According to Direct Marketing Association, email marketing on average sees a 4300 percent return on investment (ROI) for businesses in the US. Can you say that about your social media marketing campaign?

Set default price markups based on your suppliers’ prices. See how much you’ll earn on each product before you add it to your store.

Create product pages that fit your brand. Attract customers with engaging item descriptions and images of product variants.

Import products to your Wix online store, including details and image options from the supplier. Your products
continually update with the supplier’s pricing and inventory.

First, it’s direct, meaning that every person on your list receives an email the same way that they’d receive a piece of mail. It’s much different than finding a piece of content in a newsfeed, even if it’s personalized.

Second, email is necessary. You can go for a few days without checking social media or video chatting with your friends and family, but most people check their email several times a day.

Third, it’s highly customizable. You can create an email campaign on any subject, and add any bells and whistles that you need to get the job done. It’s also incredibly inexpensive and well documented by email marketing experts.

The Secret to a Great Campaign: A Great List

However, you can’t just start emailing people randomly and expect to see great results.

The best campaigns start with the best lists, so building a targeted email list should be your number one priority. Even great email campaigns, with brilliant design, engaging copies, and unique value propositions can fall short if your list isn’t in order.

You should have three main priorities for building a quality list. In order, these are:

- Quality: You want real information from real people who check their email frequently.
- Relevance: These people should be genuinely interested in your brand and industry.
- Volume: If the first two priorities are squared away, you can start focusing on quantity.

Accept orders from customers and review purchase details. Get tracking numbers from your suppliers and stay updated on the fulfillment status of each order.


  • Lead generation
  • Build relationship with customers
  • Be able to get repeat customers


  • Basic computer skills
  • Knowledge of autoresponders
  • Basic English
  • Basic writing skills
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Email Marketing Masterclass
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