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Econometrics For Dummies: Learn The Basics
Econometrics Made Easy

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      19 Lectures
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    Do you want to learn econometrics and this is your first time with it? You like econometrics and you would like to learn the basics in an easy way? THEN THIS IS THE COURSE FOR YOU! You are just in front of a course that can help you out to get the basics of econometrics in a simple way. Enhance your knowledge in one single shot by learning the main things in this course and keep it up as well with your study time. 

    The more your practice, the better you get. You need a simple set of things: dedication and passion. If you are passionate about econometrics, you are likely to endure the test during a long time. It is a not something you learn from one day to another so keep it basic at the beginning and keep it up when there are more challenging things to do. 

    Do not waste time, just enroll to the course and start learning about econometrics without having that much of a trouble. You surely will have a nice choice by getting the knowledge here explained.  

    This is a first step for you so remember that you do not need to go fast but just consistent. There are lots of things that you could do by now but studying this topic is something that can help you in a very relevant way. 

    What Will I Get ?

    • Econometrics at basic level.


    • Computer and speakers.
Econometrics For Dummies: Learn The Basics

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This Course Includes :

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19 Lectures

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