Transgenic animal secrets

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Transgenic animal secrets

Transgenic animal

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what is transgenic animal how we use it transgenesis can be defined change the genetic of animal by recombinant DNA
Model for diseases can produce valuable pharmaceuticals
European Laboratory Animal Associations as an animal in which there has been a the ,deliberate modification of its genetic there has been a deliberate modification of its genome -Study gene function and regulation Genome mapping
Test knock in gene Knock out gene -Cancer research model for progression of human disease -
cystic fibrosis multiscale Biomedical research a treatments before attempting to diagnose model of a disease to learn about it Benefits of transgenic? Phytase enzyme poultry
salmon Isalmon Antifreeze protein in flounder + Chinook salmons proved gain efficiency and protein

• production Super-salmon human therapeutic proteins antithrombin -monoclonal antibodies polyclonal antibodies -transgenic animal strategy -Embryonic stem cell -nuclear transfer DNA vaccination-Exvivo transgenesis -Embryonic stem cell lines-promise of stem cell research
Nuclear Transfer Lamb 6LL3 (‘Dolly’) Donor: (adult) mammary gland cell - Finn Dorset ewe Recipient: enucleated oocyte - Scottish Blackface ewe DNA vaccine
1981: First transgenic mouse

• Insertion of hGH into a mouse (Singleton, – 1999) Production of monoclonal antibodies & – anti-inflammatory agents
1. A human gene responsible for producing a desired protein Is isolated in a laboratory An animal is given hormonal treatment to produce a large number .

2.Of embryos, and the embryos are collected from the oviduct. 

3. The human gene is inserted into the fertilized egg via microinjection 

4. The transgenic embryo is placed in a transgenic gene transfer is the production of 

• transgenic dairy farmgate host which gives Birth to the transgenic animal 5. The offspring is tested for the new gene
bacteria genes for Staphylococcus aurous producing lysostaphin, a protein that kills bacteria Staphylococcus aurous
produce human lysozyme in the milk
Lysozyme inhibits the growth of bacteria by destroying the bacterial cell wall Treatment infant diarrhea
Transgenic goat
Transgenic goat milk contains a protein that could be extracted to make a drug for coronary bypass patiient
Steps the gene that produces AT III is

• .sequenced, build a synthetic gene and make many copies then The synthetic gene is then attached

 • which acts as ,casein to the gene for This ensemble is .promoter gene a .then injected into a newly fertilized egg Cloning through the ages: 

• 1952: Cloning via nuclear transfer (frog) – 1989-1990: First mammals cloned – 1995: First cloning via cultured – mammalian cells 1997: First cloning via adult cells – – DOLLY
history First cloning via transgenic adult cells – POLLY

• 1998 – 2000: Cloning of cattle, pigs, mice, – goats and monkeys using adult cells 2001: First reported cloned human embryo – 2002: First cloned pet
Ethics Generally scientist must be the

• most honest persons They know 

• This is a blessing of Allah In human Research on human embryo 

• Is illegal 

• Some done it behind I mean Animal model for disease
• Bioreactor for producing

• Therapeutic in milk of 

• Goat

 • rabbit 

• Cow
Transgenic animals are costly:
20,000-30,000 for one
animal, and low chances of success. If successful, one animal can produce in its life time 200,000-300,000 million worth of drugs.
A herd of 600 transgenic cows could supply the worldwide demand of human serum albumin (used in the treatment of burns and traumatic injuries) Mention what is in your list? Transgenic

• Transgenic mouse 

• Gene expression regulation 

• Structure function

• Cause and effect 

• In path physiological process
Mention what are in your list Transgenic mouse

• Transgenic rat 

• Transgenic rabbit 

• Transgenic goat 

• Transgenic chicken 

• Transgenic cow

 •Transgenic chicken 

• Transgenic quail


  • Transgenic animal modeling 
  • For
  • Research
  • Producingtherabutics
Transgenic animal  secrets

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Mohamed Alashram

Mohamed Alashram

author instructor

I fond of medicine science and technology as a learner and as. Instructor reading and writing is my real fun

my good luck send me to veterinary medicine Cairo Egypt I studied vet medicine  And continue in microbiology as post graduate  I worked as vet and  lab technologist I take time in learning lab technique ELISA PCR histopathology I studied clinical chemistry I find it valuable give profile for help diagnosis hematology interesting I find faun in comparing species blood group Horses have 7 different red blood cell groups or systems, named A, C, D, K, P, Q, and U I am interested in noble laurate and their life 

I am veterineian author instructor 

Information technology and E learning . is my interest nowadays beside reading and writing and lab  

Teaching is our tool to transfers experience to our student we hope they become better in a future full of challenges

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