The DNA of Physician Leadership

Creating Dynamic Executives

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Physicians are increasingly moving into leadership roles and possess enormous potential to advance health care. However, clinical training and practice do not provide the necessary skills for a transition from clinician to physician-leader. In fact, the very skills that make for an outstanding physician often compete, or interfere, with the skills required to be successful in wider leadership roles.

The authors provide the aspiring physician-leader with the understanding of what is required to be a successful physician-leader and the tools necessary for the transition including Understanding the business of health care; Recognizing physician-leader psychology; Establishing influence, the bedrock of leadership; Creating a compelling strategy; Developing high-performing teams; Delegating to maximize leadership impact; Communicating for effectiveness; Negotiating for maximum benefit.

This book is practical and realistic with case studies and recommendations on how to make the changes necessary to transform into a successful and fulfilled physician-leader.

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The DNA of Physician Leadership
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