Test your skills in Python Language

Test your skills in Python Language

A complete questionnaire for self-assessmen

   Formats - PDF

   Pages - 150

   ISBN - 9788183334686

   Development, Programming Languages, Python

  Language - English

   Published on 04/2022



An interactive way to introduce the world of computer programming

Key Features

● More than 400 questions for testing skills in Python
● Topics covered in sequence for novice readers
● Getting started section gives a good start and overview
● Questions are represented topic-wise so that a Python programmer can directly go for testing a particular topic
● Multiple choice questions with True/False options also
● Questions based on output help to learn the programming skills and various in-built functions in Python
● Better understanding through detailed explanation
● Solved Model test papers help to learn theory questions


This book gives you an opportunity to check your proficiency in Python by answering the questions in this book. The Programs/commands presented in this book are executed using Python version 3.5.2. The questions are categorized based on various facts of programming in python. The aim is to cover the topics in depth. Detailed explanation of each question helps even a novice learner.

What will you learn

● Data types, Control flow instructions, console & File Input/Output
● Strings, list & tuples, List comprehension
● Sets & Dictionaries, Functions & Lambdas
● Modules, classes and objects, Inheritance
● Operator overloading, Exception handling
Iterators & Generators, Decorators, Command-line Parsing

Who this book is for

Students, Programmers, researchers, and software developers who wish to learn the basics of Python programming language.

Table of Contents

1. Input-Output
2. Operators and Expressions
3. Decision Control statements
4. Functions
5. Loops
6. Lists
7. Strings
8. Sets and Dictionaries
9. Tuples
10. Classes
11. Files
12. Graphics
13. In-built functions
14. Miscellaneous
15. Appendix A: Python keywords and their use
16. Appendix B: Operators in Python and their precedence
17. Appendix C: Libraries in Python and common functions
18. Bibliography
19. Model Test Paper 1 (Solved)
20. Model Test Paper 2 (Solved)
21. Model Test Paper 3 (Unsolved)
22. Model Test Paper 4 (Unsolved)

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