Social Media Marketng & Branding

Prepare for Social Media Certification from Facebook, Twitter and more

About the Book

Key Features

● Complete this book to earn an exclusive certificate in “Digital Campaign Design” and “Social Media Marketing”
● Prepare for Social Media Certification from Facebook, Twitter and more
● Digital Marketing Career Guide Included
● Free Resume templates
● 45 Digitally Interactive Chapters
● 20+ Case Studies
● 160+ Chapter-wise Interview Questions
● Become Job ready in 4-weeks !


Before you invest your time in this book, you should find the answers to the following questions;
How can this book help you get a job? Why not study online? Why this book?
Social Media Marketing and Digital Branding are one of the top 15 in-demand skills for getting a job in 2019-20, along with Content Marketing and Influencer Marketing. A complete module is dedicated to getting you a job. In this book, you’ll get a Career Guide for Digital Marketing Jobs, CV templates, Chapter-Wise Interview Questions, and a Guide on Personal Branding for getting better jobs. Completing this book will get you an exclusive certificate in Digital Campaign Design and will prepare you to directly appear for Facebook™, Twitter™, Hootsuite™ and HubSpot™ certifications. While most online course and blogs concentrate on quick tips to use digital tools and platforms.

What will you learn

Book has 45 easy to grasp chapters grouped into 13 interactive modules dedicated to teaching you the step by step process of using digital platforms to develop successful marketing campaigns using effective advertising strategies based on consumer behaviour, segmentation, positioning, brand management, and the customer lifecycle. Live link case studies and process guides have been included for a hands-on learning experience.

Who this book is for

You could be a student, a fresh graduate, or a working professional with any educational background and you will be able to start your career in digital marketing with the help of this book.

Table of Contents

Social Media Marketing for Each Step of the Digital Customer’s Life Cycle

● The Digital Customer Life Cycle
● Phases and Stages of the Customer Experience Funnel

Digital Ads (Part 1)

● Programmatic and Real Time Digital Ad Buying (How Digital Ads Work)
● Programmatic Bidding for ADS on Facebook
● Setting up A Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaign
● Facebook Ad Types
● Creating Facebook Ad’s Creative and Copy
● Ad Reporting and Optimization


● Convectional Segmentation
● Segmenting Audience with Facebook
● Remarketing with Facebook’s Custom Audience
● Digital Behavioral Segmentation Using Custom Audience
● Creating Buyer Personas

Digital Value and Marketing Message

● Unique Digital Value Proposition
● Perceived Benefits, Hassel Factor, and Means End Theory for Crafting A Marketing Message
● Designing a Unique Digital Value Proposition

Digital Media and Engagement

● Paid, Earned, and Owned Media
● Social Media Engagement

Content Marketing for Social Engagement and Story Telling

● Content Marketing
● User-Generated Content
● Transmedia Storytelling

Digital Influence Driven Marketing

● Digital Influence
● Influencer Marketing

UI, UX, CX, and BX for Digital Marketing

● Understanding UI, UX, CX and BX
● CX and UX for Social Media

Digital Brand Experience and Management

● Digital Branding
● Brand Promotors and Detractors

Social Listening, Selling, Care, and Crisis

● Social Listening
● Social Selling
● Social Media for Customer Service, Support, and Delight
● Setting Up Social Customer Care
● Managing a Social Media Crisis

Agile Testing for Social Media

● A/B Testing
● A/B Testing Facebook Ad Campaigns

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Social Media Marketng & Branding
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