Selenium with Java – A Beginner’s Guide

Selenium with Java – A Beginner’s Guide

Web Browser Automation for Testing Using Selenium with Java

   Formats - PDF, EPUB

   Pages - 206

   ISBN - 9789391392680

   Computer Skills, Selenium Testing Framework, Java Testing

  Language - English

   Published on 05/2022



A refresher for Java developers on how to use Selenium IDE and Selenium Grid to automate web browsers

Key Features
● Extensive practical demonstration of Selenium with numerous real-world examples.
● Includes thorough examination of various test automation ideas.
● Covers tools in conjunction with Selenium for implementing browser and web test automation projects.

This book introduces setting up the environment for writing test scripts after covering Selenium and its capabilities. Numerous functionalities, including the web driver interface, the web element interface, and locators, are illustrated in-depth using the By class.

Additionally, the book presents tasks such as HTML element manipulation, mouse and keyboard operations, dropdown, table, window, alert, frame, action class, and synchronization. Along with Selenium IDE and Selenium Webdriver, the book also covers another critical feature, which is the implementation of Selenium Grid, that allows the test suite to execute in parallel across several settings. Several add-on automation scripts, such as those for taking screenshots, object and data information, are thoroughly displayed and explained in this book. The book discusses tools like TestNG and Maven that aid in the overall development of the test project ecosystem.

After reading the book, you should feel extremely competent in utilizing Selenium to automate a variety of web and browser testing scenarios and tasks.

What you will learn
● Get trained to automate the end-to-end testing of online applications with Selenium Webdriver.
● Confidently configure the Selenium Grid for cross-browser testing.
● Create locators quickly for various HTML elements on the page.
● Opportunities to improve test writing skills with the popular unit test framework, TestNG.
● An in-depth explanation of the management of objects and data in the test project.

Who this book is for
This book is intended for software test engineers who wish to develop a strong foundation in Selenium implementation to create test automation solutions. Basic knowledge of testing and Java as a programming language is required.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction to Selenium
2. Preparing System and Application Under Test
3. WebDriver, WebElement, and By
4. Concept of Synchronization
5. Working with Web Elements—Form, Table, and Dropdown
6. Working with Web Element—Alert, Frame, IFrame, and Window
7. Extra Concepts – Action, Screenshot, WebDriverManager
8. What is TestNG
9. Concept of Page Object Model
10. Data Driving Test
11. Introducing Maven
12. Selenium Grid

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