Selenium Framework Design in Keyword-Driven Testing

Selenium Framework Design in Keyword-Driven Testing

Automate Your Test Using Selenium and Appium


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Pages : 304

ISBN : 9789389328202

Language : English

About the Book

Book description

An easy-to-understand guide that will get you acquainted with the core concepts of Selenium WebDriver

Key Features

● Understand and work with the core concepts of Selenium WebDriver 3.0
● Learn how to design a Keyword driven framework with Database
● Find how to use Build triggers in Jenkins to automate tests


The book starts by introducing the Selenium WebDriver 3 and Selenium Server by covering each aspect of it in detail. You will learn different concepts like instances and how instances relate to browser sessions. You will further explore the new features in Java 8 with the help of easy to follow examples. Moving on, you will create a Singleton class for fetching WebDriver instances and then explore the different kinds of waits in Selenium. You will then delve into the advanced WebDriver interactions using the Actions class and the JavascriptExecutor. You will then understand the various database operations which will help you with using the MySQL database to store our framework. Next, you will go through the TestNG framework, followed by parallel execution. Further, you will use Maven as a build tool and Jenkins as a build automation tool. You will go through the working of Selenium Grid along with Mobile automation. Lastly, you will be taken through Selenium 4 and it's AI integrated features.

What will you learn

● Learn the process of building a Selenium Framework
● Understand the Keyword Driven Framework concept
● Work with Document Object Model to access page elements
● Integrate Maven and Jenkins with Selenium WebDriver
● Use Selenium Grid to run multiple tests across

Who this book is for

This book has been designed for Automation developers who would like to build a Keyword Driven framework that fetches keywords from Database. It is also intended for audiences who are interested in understanding Selenium and designing a framework.

Table of Contents

1. First look at Selenium WebDriver and Web Elements
2. Looking at the various WebDrivers
3. A brief look at Java 8
4. Deep dive into Selenium WebDriver
5. Actions class and the JavascriptExecutor
6. WebDriver Events
7. Database Operations
8. Introduction to TestNG framework
9. Parallel Execution
10. Understanding Maven
11. Jenkins Introduction and Scheduling
12. Selenium grid and executing in the cloud
13. Mobile test automation using Appium
14. A look at Selenium-4

Selenium Framework Design in Keyword-Driven Testing

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BPB Publications

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