How Buyers Qualify Sellers

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In sales, there’s a lot of talk about qualifying the buyer. What’s the lead scoring say? Are they a marketing-qualified lead or a sales-qualified lead? Do they fit our ideal customer profile? 

This is exactly BACKWARDS. Instead, you should be talking about how the buyer qualifies (and disqualifies) the seller. What determines who they invite to compete for the business? 

Who do they call or email back? And who they share sensitive business information with?

 This is the importance of Sales Credibility – the quality all salespeople must have before you can ever “earn trust” and become a “trusted advisor.” 

This book reveals how salespeople build (and lose) credibility with the things you say and do every day. You’ll learn the secrets of building your sales credibility, so you can attract higher-value accounts, gain greater access to the real decision-makers, and sell from a position of strength. It also gives you the leverage to avoid dropping your price when budget is hard to come by. 

Sales red™ introduces the Hierarchy of Sales Credibility™ which is a 5-layer framework that allows you to see where you are on the credibility hierarchy and what you need to do next to get to the next level. The hierarchy is a roadmap which will help you be seen by sales prospects in the most credible light possible. This book also enlightens sales managers on the new definition of credibility, the role it plays in sales, and how they can improve their team’s credibility for higher performance.

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