React Material-UI Cookbook

Build captivating user experiences using React and MaterialUI

About the Book

Develop modern-day applications by implementing Material Design principles in React using Material-UI

Key Features

  • Use React components to build intuitive UI elements
  • Explore a variety of styles and themes in the Material-UI framework using React components
  • Learn practical React recipes and best practices for building modern web applications

Book Description

Material-UI is a component library for rendering UI elements, using modern best practices from React and Material Design. This book will show you how you can create impressive and captivating modern-day web apps by implementing Material Design considerations. The book is designed to help you use a variety of Material-UI components to enhance UI functionality, along with guiding you through React best practices, and using state, context, and other new React 16.8 features.

You will start with layout and navigation, exploring the Grid component and understanding how it’s used to build layouts for your Material-UI apps. Using Material-UI components, you’ll then explore the technique of effectively presenting information. In later sections, you will also learn about the different components for user interactions such as the text input component and buttons. Finally, the book will get you up to speed with customizing the look and feel of your app, right from creating a Material-UI theme through to styling icons and text.

By the end of this book, you will have developed the skills you need to improve the look and feel of your applications using Material-UI components.

What you will learn

  • Build the overall structure and navigation for your Material-UI app
  • Present simple and complex information in a variety of ways
  • Develop interactive and intuitive controls
  • Group content into sections using tabs and expansion panels
  • Create a general page layout with Material-UI grids
  • Use lists for complex data, and cards for detailed information

Who this book is for

This book is for React developers who want to implement Material Design principles in their applications. You will also find this book helpful if you are a developer who wants to build a UI using React components without having to build your own UX framework.

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Adam Boduch has been involved with large-scale JavaScript development for nearly 10 years. Before moving to the frontend, he worked on several large-scale cloud computing products, using Python and Linux. No stranger to complexity, Adam has practical experience with real-world software systems, and the scaling challenges they pose. He is the author of several JavaScript books, including React and React Native, and is passionate about innovative user experiences and high performance.

React Material-UI Cookbook
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