React, React Router, & React Native

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React, React Router, & React Native

A Comprehensive & Comprehensible Guide


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Language : English

About the Book

Book description

React is the most important front-end framework today. 

This book goes beyond the basics of React and introduces to the reader equally essential related libraries and tools such as Redux and Relay. Particularly, React Router allows you to host your app across different URLs, and React Native makes it possible to build native apps that can work offline and get uploaded to app stores such as Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


This book extensively reorganizes the information of the official guides, elaborates on advanced concepts, and presents many extra topics. However, a few parts follow the guides somewhat closely. With due respect to the original writers, it is pointless to make changes to good writing.


Master the following:

  • React Class Syntax
  • React Hook Syntax
  • React Router
  • React Native
  • ..and many more (eg. Redux, Relay, ReactDOMServer , Gatsby.js, Next.js...)
React, React Router, & React Native

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Chong Lip Phang

Chong Lip Phang

Full-stack web developer, mobile game developer, data scientist, computing author.

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