MySQL 8 for Big Data

MySQL 8 for Big Data

Effective data processing with MySQL 8, Hadoop, NoSQL APIs, and other Big Data tools

   Formats - PDF, EPUB, MOBI

   Pages - 266,      ISBN - 9781788390422

   Development, Databases, MySQL

  Language - English

   Published on 10/2017



Uncover the power of MySQL 8 for Big Data

About This Book

  • Combine the powers of MySQL and Hadoop to build a solid Big Data solution for your organization
  • Integrate MySQL with different NoSQL APIs and Big Data tools such as Apache Sqoop
  • A comprehensive guide with practical examples on building a high performance Big Data pipeline with MySQL

Who This Book Is For

This book is intended for MySQL database administrators and Big Data professionals looking to integrate MySQL 8 and Hadoop to implement a high performance Big Data solution. Some previous experience with MySQL will be helpful, although the book will highlight the newer features introduced in MySQL 8.

What You Will Learn

  • Explore the features of MySQL 8 and how they can be leveraged to handle Big Data
  • Unlock the new features of MySQL 8 for managing structured and unstructured Big Data
  • Integrate MySQL 8 and Hadoop for efficient data processing
  • Perform aggregation using MySQL 8 for optimum data utilization
  • Explore different kinds of join and union in MySQL 8 to process Big Data efficiently
  • Accelerate Big Data processing with Memcached
  • Integrate MySQL with the NoSQL API
  • Implement replication to build highly available solutions for Big Data

In Detail

With organizations handling large amounts of data on a regular basis, MySQL has become a popular solution to handle this structured Big Data. In this book, you will see how DBAs can use MySQL 8 to handle billions of records, and load and retrieve data with performance comparable or superior to commercial DB solutions with higher costs.

Many organizations today depend on MySQL for their websites and a Big Data solution for their data archiving, storage, and analysis needs. However, integrating them can be challenging. This book will show you how to implement a successful Big Data strategy with Apache Hadoop and MySQL 8. It will cover real-time use case scenario to explain integration and achieve Big Data solutions using technologies such as Apache Hadoop, Apache Sqoop, and MySQL Applier. Also, the book includes case studies on Apache Sqoop and real-time event processing.

By the end of this book, you will know how to efficiently use MySQL 8 to manage data for your Big Data applications.

Style and approach

Step by Step guide filled with real-world practical examples.

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