Learning Salesforce Development with Apex

Write, Run and Deploy Apex Code with Ease

About the Book

Key Features

● Learn how to work with the Apex language
● Learn how to develop Apex Triggers
● Learn how to use SOQL and SOSL to retrieve data
● Learn how to write Object-Oriented Salesforce code
● Explore the best practices to deliver scalable and maintainable code


This book covers the fundamentals of the Salesforce Apex programming language used by developers to build powerful applications in the cloud.
In this book, you will learn how to work with the Apex language to build scalable applications that can interact with and update data from your users. We cover the language from the ground up, introducing programming concepts such as variables and control statements alongside clear and concise examples to help you understand the key concepts and features. Platform-specific features such as Apex triggers, SOQL and SOSL are covered in detail to help ensure you deliver robust and scalable solutions. Nuances and best practices for development are discussed along with how to effectively test your code to ensure that you can deploy it to users with confidence. Object-oriented programming in Apex is also covered in-depth to ensure that you can develop dynamic solutions and build for the future. The book also discusses and shows developers how to integrate with third-party solutions using REST APIs in Apex.

By the end of the book, the reader will know how to start developing applications using Apex with confidence.

What will you learn

● Learn how to declare variables in Apex.
● Understand how to work with collections in Apex.
● Use different control statements within Apex to control program flow.
● Learn how to use the built-in tools to test in Apex.
● Understand how to make callouts to external applications and data sources.

Who this book is for

This book is intended for those starting out with Apex, whether existing Salesforce Admins or those joining the Salesforce ecosystem with little professional prior programming experience, such as students. The reader is expected to have some basic familiarity with Salesforce as a platform, although key concepts are reviewed.

Table of Contents

0. Introduction
1. An Introduction to the Salesforce Platform
2. What is Apex?
3. Variables in Apex
4. Collections
5. Control Statements
6. Apex Triggers
9. Defining Apex Classes
10. Apex Class Inheritance
11. Testing Apex
12. Callouts in Apex
13. Epilogue

About the Author

Paul Battisson is a 7x Salesforce MVP, holds numerous Salesforce certifications, is a Salesforce Certified Instructor and co-leader of the Leeds Salesforce Developer Group. He runs the CloudBites.TV website and YouTube channel, which has over 108k views of free training content for Salesforce admins, developers and architects. He is the COO of Cloud Galacticos, a UK based Salesforce consulting partner.

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Paul Battisson is a seven-time Salesforce MVP and has been a speaker at numerous global Salesforce events, including Dreamforce, London’s Calling, and India Dreamin. He has been working with the Salesforce platform for over 11 years in a mix of both product development and consulting roles. Paul now helps lead a UK-based consulting partner, as well as blogs, has a YouTube channel, and leads a Salesforce Developer Group.

Learning Salesforce Development with Apex
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