Learning Salesforce Development with Apex (2nd Edition)

Learning Salesforce Development with Apex (2nd Edition)

Learn to Code, Run and Deploy Apex Programs for Complex Business Process and Critical Business Logic

   Formats - PDF, EPUB

   Pages - 302,      ISBN - 9789355510273

   Development, Web Development, Salesforce Development

  Language - English

   Published on 09/2022



Acquiring knowledge of Apex has proved to be a valuable skill for developers eager to add business logic, as well as to execute flow and transaction control statements on Salesforce server.
In this updated and expanded second edition, Author Paul Bateson places a significant emphasis on the scalability, security, and deployment capabilities of Salesforce applications. The nine-time Salesforce MVP took another shot at teaching Apex programming and getting people to start developing Salesforce applications with complete confidence.
Some of the most notable features of this newer edition are:
Setting up the Salesforce development environment and improving code storage and execution techniques.
Writing secure Apex code and different ways to enforce security while scaling applications.
Multiple ways to put your Apex code into production.
Acquire working knowledge of declaring variables in Apex.
Recognize Apex's collection-based functionality.
Use Apex's different control statements to manage the flow of a program.
Get familiar with Apex's built-in testing tools.
Acquire proficiency in interacting with third-party applications and data.
A quick rundown on successfully operating and managing CI/CD and DevOps.
Expert-run approaches and best practices to write robust codes and avoid major mistakes.
The book contains updates on several sections of this book, including but not limited to programming principles, the use of REST APIs, code testing, and simple examples to assist you in developing dynamic solutions and creating a platform to build.
Who this book is for
Both new and experienced Salesforce administrators can benefit from this book. Those who have no previous programming knowledge can also benefit from this book. The reader is anticipated to have a basic understanding of Salesforce as a platform.
Table of Contents
1. An Introduction to the Salesforce Platform
2. What is Apex?
3. Variables in Apex
4. Collections
5. Control Statements and Operators
6. Apex Triggers
9. Apex Classes
10. Apex Class Inheritance
11. Enforcing Security in Apex
12. Testing Apex
13. Callouts in Apex
14. Deploying Your Apex Code
15. Apex Best Practices
16. Conclusion

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