Launch a Podcast in 10 Simple Steps

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About the Book

Have you always wanted to start your own podcast? Own your very own money-making media machine?

In the beginning of my podcasting journey, I had to spend hours researching about podcast creation, hosting, monetization etc.

I knew that for new podcasters and kids like me, this process would be time consuming and hectic and therefore I decided to create this eBook. It is a simple but detailed blueprint/guide you can follow to get your podcast running in a week.

It not only gives you answers to each aspect of podcasting but I have also included a resource sheet with links to all the applications and software's I use.

Grab the 10 step checklist, keep ticking off each step as you go and Tada! you will have a podcast in no time.

The 10 step checklist includes:-

1) Podcast Topic
2) Podcast Listeners
3) Podcast Name
4) Podcast Cover Art
5) Podcast Format
6) Podcast Equipment
7) Podcast Segments
8) Podcast Creation and Hosting
9) Podcast Launch
10) Getting Feedback

In the end, its all about execution. No eBook will be of benefit if you don't take actions to turn your podcasting dream into a reality.
If I could use something like this to create "OutoftheHoodwithHaza" (My podcast on Spotify), you can surely ace it!
For further assistance in setting up your podcast, connect with me on my socials mentioned in this eBook , I'm always ready to help!

Till then, I'll see ya'll at the podcasts!


  • The goal of launching this eBook on podcasting was to get you podcast ready in 10 simple steps and with maximum efficiency.
  • You will have all the information you need to start your own podcast and my resource sheet will also give you the tools, tricks and hacks to accelerate the process!
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Hamza Chitalwalla is a podcaster on Spotify and also a communications coach.

Launch a Podcast in 10 Simple Steps
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